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Mallorca Travel Guide: Exploring The Stunning Sunny Spanish Island Like a Local

Breathe in the salty breeze, feel the sand between your toes, and drink ALL the epic Spanish wine because you’re in Mallorca! When we visited for a week, Caleb and I fell in love with the island for it’s weather, epic food, beaches, and the overall chill-but-romantic vibes. It is not the 21-year-old party island we expected, and we cannot wait to return!

In this ultimate Mallorca Travel guide, we’ll cover EVERYTHING you need to know to plan your trip. Let’s dig in, starting with a video of some Mallorca highlights!

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How to Get to Mallorca


You can get to Mallorca by ferry if you are already near the coast. The ferry connects Mallorca with Ibiza, Menorice, Valencia, Barcelona, and Denia.


You can also fly to Mallorca from large cities within Spain like Madrid or Barcelona, and many European budget airlines can get you there.

From the USA, you can fly into cities like Madrid or Lisbon and then connect to the international Palma de Mallorca airport. The only direct flight is from Newark, New Jersey.

A cobblestone street with a cafe with umbrellas and blue chairs

Where to Stay

Caleb and I think there are 4 best places to stay in Mallorca, depending on what you’re looking for. Here is everything at a glance, followed by a quick breakdown if you need more information.

Scalable and Responsive Table
Category Recommended Location Why Stay Here Hotel Recommendations
Best Overall Palma Closest to Palma airport, most historical sites, great food, lots of culture, and excellent public transportation. – Budget: MHOUSE Boutique Hotel
– Mid-Budget: AirBnB
– Luxury: Puro Grand Hotel
Best for Beach Relaxation Santanyi Well connected to some of the best beaches on the south and southeast side of Mallorca. – Mid-Budget: Can Ferrereta
– Luxury: Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat
Colonia De Sant Jordi Also well connected to beautiful beaches without having to take a bus back to Palma. – Budget: Boutique Hostal Colonial
– Mid-Budget: Hotel Villa Chiquita
– Luxury: Fontsanta Hotel Thermal & Spa
Best for Village Exploration Soller / Port Soller Great choices for exploring charming villages and nearby areas. Largest of the adorable village towns with many bus connections. – Budget: Hostel Soller
– Mid-Budget: Bikini Island & Mountain
– Luxury: Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa
Best for Couples Wanting Romance Valldemossa Well connected to beautiful villages, quieter, and more romantic than Soller. – Mid-Budget: Hotel Sa Vall
– Luxury: Fabulous Rustic Villa
  • Palma: The heart of Mallorca, and our recommended pick. Palma is unbeatable for its history, culture, and excellent public transport. It’s really close to the airport, and we think it is the best place to stay to be in the center of everything. 
  • Hotel Recommendations are above or >> Or, click here to check out prices and photos of other places to stay in Palma <<

    2. Santanyi & Colonia De Sant Jordi: Tied for the best areas if you are a beach lover just looking to zen out and relax. Santanyi is quieter, offering easy access to beautiful beaches like Es Trenc and Cala Llombards. 

    Colonia De Sant Jordi is also close to beautiful beaches, although slightly less connected. However, there is more to do than in Santanyi!

    Hotel Recommendations are above or

    >> Click here to check out all the options, prices and photos for hotels in Santanyi <<

    >> Click here to check out all the options, prices and photos for hotels in Colonia De Sant Jordi <<

    3. Soller/Port Soller: Ideal for exploring quaint villages and soaking in natural beauty, Soller and its port offer a relaxed vibe with great dining options. 

    Hotel Recommendations are above or >> Click here to check out all the options, prices and review for hotels in Soller <<

    4. Valldemossa: Valldemossa’s dreamy streets and cozy restaurants make it a top choice for couples seeking romance. 

    Hotel Recommendations are above or >> Click here to check out all the options, including prices and photos, for hotels in Valldemossa <<

    an antique train with people sitting on it

    How to Get Around Mallorca

    There are SO many ways to get around Mallorca! Here are the best ways that Caleb and I found after visiting the island ourselves! 

    • Your Feet: Walking is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. Just remember, venturing beyond the city limits might require renting a car if you don’t like public transport.
    • Public Bus: A budget-friendly option that connects you to major towns and attractions. You can get around quickly with two primary bus services, EMT for city routes and TIB for island-wide travel.
    • City Sightseeing Tourist Bus: A hop-on, hop-off service that’s great for first-timers wanting to hit all the major landmarks without the hassle of navigation.
    • Train: While touristy, the antique train from Palma to Soller is SUPER beautiful and one of the most romantic things to do in Mallorca! Oh, la la!
    • Car: we LOVED having a car in Mallorca because it allows you total freedom. You don’t have to organize your timetable around bus schedules; it allows you to get to outside areas of the island quickly.

    Free Email Course: Mallorca Made Easy

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    PRO TIP:

    If you do some research, Google will say there is Uber in Mallorca. However, we found only a couple of cars on the WHOLE island, so we had to wait ages, and most of the time, the Uber never came.

    So, we don’t recommend planning on using Uber as a method of transportation, especially outside of Palma.

    Best Places to Visit

    Here are all of me and Caleb’s favorite spots in Mallorca that you should add to your itinerary:


    • Palma: The capital has excellent shopping in the old town, restaurants, beaches, and a beautiful cathedral.
    • Banyalbufar: On the west coast, this less-visited town has breathtaking views of terraced hillsides leading to the sea.
    • Santanyi: A bohemian village, close to gorgeous beaches, that lives up on market days.
    • Alcúdia: A blend of ancient history and beach resort surrounded by medieval walls.
    • Valldemossa: A town with storybook vibes in the mountains, famous for its stone houses and Carthusian Monastery. Visiting is a very romantic way to spend the afternoon!
    • Deiá: A hilltop village beloved by artists, offering stunning views and a lot of romance!
    • Sóller & Port of Sóller: Known for its citrus and scenic beauty, with an antique train connecting the two.
    • Fornalutx: Dubbed Spain’s prettiest village, it overlooks the Sóller valley.
    • Port de Pollenca: A quaint town in the north known for its clear waters and eateries.


    • Castell De Bellver: A Gothic castle with panoramic views, accessible by car or the Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing Bus for convenience.
    • Palma Cathedral: “La Seu” is a beautiful, gothic cathedral with a massive rose window and Gaudí’s touches.

    Pro tip: the best photo spot to get the entire church is on the stone ledge across the lagoon.

    • Drach Caves – 4 interconnected caves with an underground lake. Very touristy but pretty cool.


    • Cala Santanyi: A serene beach in a cove, known for its clear blue waters.
    • Cala Figuera: A picturesque fishing village with charming white houses.
    • Cala Deia – a beautiful, secluded cove with crystal water and lots of boulders to chill on.
    • Cala Llombards: A unique shade of blue water, sandy shores, and super charming little boathouses.
    • Cala Pi: A long, narrow beach that can get crowded, turning its usually clear waters a bit cloudy. Still beautiful, though!
    • Calo des Moro: A breathtaking inlet with crystal-clear waters and a small beach with rock boulders for sunbathing.
    • Es Trenc: One of the most famous beaches! It has a long stretch of sandy beach offering a break from the rocky calas, with vibrant blue waters but no facilities. It’s very secluded and romantic!
    • Sa Calobra: Accessible via Mallorca’s curviest (and scariest!) road, with clear waters trapped between two cliffs

    Romantic Viewpoints If You’re a Couple Like Us (sunset recommended!)

    • Cap de Formentor with lighthouse: Offers breathtaking views at Mallorca’s northern tip.
    • Mirador es Colomer: A lookout offering panoramic views on the way to Cap de Formentor.
    • Mirador Sa Foradada: A popular sunset spot near Deiá. Just make sure you arrive early if you visit. We made that mistake and had to stand behind tall people, which wasn’t the view I hoped for.
    • Mirador Es Pontás: A prime sunset viewing spot with a natural rock arch.

    Best Things to Do

    1. Catamaran Tour with Tapas – This was the highlight of our trip! Imagine spending a super relaxing day on a boat with snacks and WINE and swimming in warm blue water. Best of all, you didn’t have to organize any of it! Simply show up and be treated to exclusive areas of the island with breathtaking views you can’t see anywhere else!

    Booking in advance is highly recommended, as this one books up FAST.

    >> Click to check prices, availability, and reviews! <<

    2. Cooking Class – We LOVED learning how to make Paella! Skip having to make restaurant reservations, worry about if you don’t get in, or risk eating at a not-so-great spot. This cooking class is easy and fun, comes with snacks and lots of wine, and the Paella is excellent!

    >> Click to check prices, availability, and reviews! <<

    3. Romantic Sunrise Balloon Tour – Honestly, you won’t get views like this anywhere else on the island – on a clear day, you can see the other Balearic islands! This is it if you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience. And it’s SO romantic. 

    >> Click to check prices, availability, and reviews! <<

    4. Sailing and SUP Adventure – You’ll get exclusive access to private coves away from the party boats that are perfect for snorkeling or SUPing. Relax with wine and tapas on the boat when you’re not on the water. Snorkeling gear is provided too, so no stress there!

    >> Click to check prices, availability, and reviews! <<

    5. Private Food Tour – Save yourself the stress of figuring out where to eat all the best things and fit it all into your schedule. You’ll get 10 tastings of the best traditional food and exclusive access to local eateries.

    >> Click to check prices, availability, and reviews! <<

    3 people lounge on a clean beach with blue water in Mallorca

    What to expect for weather

    Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.

    Summer months, from June to August, see average temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F)

    Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are in the middle, with averages between 15°C and 25°C (59°F to 77°F.) This is when Caleb and I love to visit!

    Winters are mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 10°C (50°F), although this is when the island is the rainiest! 

    What you have to eat

    It wouldn’t be a Mallorca travel guide without where to eat! Mallorca has some EPIC traditional food, which we did not expect. Caleb and I were (happily) surprised that the food was much different than in the tapas bars we love in Madrid and was very unique.

    You must try:

    • Coca de Trampo: A light, crispy bread topped with the freshest tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. It’s stupid simple and stupidly delicious. You’ll find this in almost any bakery!
    • Pa Amb Oli: Made with local brown bread, ideally toasted, rubbed with garlic, and topped with a special type of tomato called “ramallet.” Another stupid-simple-stupid-delicious item you’ll find everywhere.
    • Sobrassada: This is one of our faves in all of Spain. Think spreadable chorizo that is rich, spicy, and freaking fantastic.
    • Tumbet: Mallorca’s version of ratatouille with Eggplants, potatoes, red peppers, and a rich tomato sauce.
    • Ensaimada: Last but certainly not least, the Ensaimada is the most famous of Mallorcan pastries. It’s made with pork lard, but we promise it doesn’t taste like pork. It’s SO light, airy, and just sweet enough with various filling options! 

    We loved the Ensaimada at Panadería S’ Estació in Palma.


    Mallorca is generally safe to travel, especially if you’re a couple like us. You have the whole “safety in numbers” thing that solo travelers don’t have! 

    However, like ALL big cities, keep your wits about you. Don’t do dumb things like wander down dark, secluded alleys at night (especially after some Spanish wine!) or wear expensive jewelry around. Keep an eye on your belongings, especially at the beach, Magaluf, and Palma Nova, where pickpocketing is common.

    Caleb always wears a money belt (although he complains about it), and I love my travelon anti-theft purse. 

    Entry and Exit Requirements 

    Coming from the USA, you’ll need a valid passport for 3 months from departure, ideally 6 months.

    You also can’t stay longer than 3 months without a special visa.

    Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

    • Best months to visit: Caleb and I like May, September, or October because it’s hot but not crazy busy yet. If you want the HOTTEST weather, go in June or July. Just know it’ll be packed with other humans!
    • Language: The main language is Spanish, and the local dialect is Mallorquin. However, you’ll get around with English just fine in the tourist areas.
    • Currency: Mallorca uses the Euro.
    • When looking for beaches, look for “Calas,” as that is what beaches are called in Mallorca. 
    a beautiful stone terrace with a brown building and chairs surrounded by green plants

    A couple questions you might have

    How many days Should we spend in Mallorca?

    You should spend at least 5 days in Mallorca but, if you want to see it all, we recommend spending one week.

    What are prices like?

    Compared to the rest of Spain, Mallorca is a little on the expensive side. However, compared to other big European cities, Mallorca is very affordable!

    Which Is The Most Beautiful Part of Mallorca?

    The most beautiful part of Mallorca is the Tramuntana Mountains, with towns like Deia, Soller, Valldemossa, and Fornalutx.

    Now that you’ve got our Mallorca tourist guide with all the details you need to know, the next step is putting it together in a perfect itinerary. We’re here to help and save you time! We’ve made a custom 7-day itinerary for Mallorca that you can easily edit to fit your time frame.

    And, if you have any questions about Mallorca just let us know in a comment!

    Other Mallorca Files:

    Free Email Course: Mallorca Made Easy

    Discover everything you need to know to plan an EPIC Mallorcan Getaway in our free email course!
    a girl standing on a beach in a pink dress with a sunset

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