Mallorca in May: Weather and Best Things to Do (2024)

Planning a trip to Mallorca and wondering about visiting Mallorca in May? Is it hot enough to swim? Is it busy and lively? We have everything you need to know to plan your trip and decide if May is the best time to visit Mallorca for you!

When we visited Mallorca for a week we were honestly so surprised and all there is to do, see and explore by car and by public transport! It’s not JUST a beachy island! So, is May a good time to go to Mallorca? Caleb and I, Taylor, say that YES, Mallorca in May is probably one of the best months you could pick to visit!

The average daily average temperature is around 73°F (22°C) which Caleb and I feel is basically the most perfect temperature for both exploring and getting some time to toast up at the beach. In this post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about visiting Mallorca in May from the weather to what to do, to what to wear and pack!

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If you prefer to watch a video, here is a quick one that I made for you with the key points. Let’s get to it friends!

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Pros and Cons of Visiting Mallorca in May


May kicks off the cultural festival season in Mallorca so you’ll be able to dive into the local scene with celebrations that you wouldn’t be able to during other months. Since Caleb and I crave culture, we think that May is one of the absolute best times to go!

While Mallorca in May is busier than Mallorca in April, the island is JUST gearing up for the summer season so it won’t be as crowded as later summer months, but the energy is still buzzing! Most of the restaurants and bars are open and the beaches and ports are getting ready to go. You’ll also see slightly cheaper pricing on tours and hotels than late summer months!

It’s also a pretty great time for exploring the villages, hiking, and cycling in the Tramuntana mountains as the weather in Mallorca in May isn’t unbearably hot quite yet. This means you may not even need a car because these areas are reachable by bus! Mallorca is very pretty in May when the sun hasn’t scorched all the beautiful nature!


Caleb and I think that Mallorca is almost always great any month. However, there are some cons that you need to be aware of. The island experiences some rainy days in May so, if you’re looking for the optimal sun exposure, May may not be for you. 

While the Summer season officially kicks off in May, there are still some bars, hotels, and tours that wait until June to really get up and running, so you may run into a few things closed in May. 

Depending on your cold tolerance, you may find the sea too cold for swimming so, if swimming in the Mediterranean is a bucket list item, you may want to wait until June, July, or August to visit!

A graphic showing the weather for Mallorca in May.

Mallorca Weather in May

May signals the start of summer in Mallorca, so the temperature starts to creep up! The days are long, which makes more time for exploring, and cloud cover is pretty consistent at about 39% throughout the month, very similar to April.

However, there is an increasing number of days where the sun is bright and shining and the cloud cover is minimal. The average hours of sun per day hovers around 10-12 hours, and can get up to 14 hours by the end of the month! Hello, late-night romantic beach dinner for the two of you!

While the island does see some rainfall, the chances of a rainy day spoiling your vacay are only around 11%, or 2- 4 days.

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Temperature in Mallorca in May

The Mallorca May weather is wonderfully warm but not overwhelmingly hot, making it a sweet spot for travelers. Based on data from Weather Spark, you can expect daily high temperatures to average around 75°F (24°C), while the evenings are pleasantly mild, with temperatures generally in the mid-60s°F (around 18°C).

To put it in perspective, the scorching days of August can see temperatures ranging from 70°F (21°C) to 90°F (32 degrees Celsius), while the coldest days in January or in February fluctuate between 45°F (7°C) and 60°F (16°C). So, if you’re a couple looking for that perfect balance—warm enough for beach lounging but cool enough for exploring without breaking a sweat—Mallorca in May weather is going to be perfection for you!

If you plan to rent a car, make sure to do so in advance. We booked through Discover Cars and it was a great experience!

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A catamaran boat on the Mediterranean Sea

Things to Do in Mallorca in May

In May, the island comes alive with a mix of warm sunshine and a gentle sea breeze, making it a prime time for different kinds of adventures. 

Here are some more unique experiences that we absolutely adore:

  • Food Tour – We’re foodies at heart and never miss a chance to dive into the local culinary scene. May is perfect for adding a food tour to your spring Mallorca Itinerary—you get to walk around Palma’s old town tasting local delicacies without breaking a sweat.
  • Paddleboarding and Kayaking – while the water is still a little cold, the warmer weather and fewer tourists make May an excellent month for doing some fun things on the water!
  • Boat Trips – By May, boat trips are in full swing, offering a range of options from sunset cruises to full-day excursions. It’s a must-do, especially for couples!

So, if you’re looking for a month that offers a bit of everything—May is your jam!

A small town built into the mountainside in Mallorca

Holidays and Events in May 2024

May in Mallorca is when the island truly comes to life. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the vibrant events and traditional holidays that take place and make this month so special.  Make sure you plan enough days on the island to enjoy them all!

Here’s the lowdown:

Deià International Music Festival: If you’re into classical music, this festival in the charming village of Deià is a must. It’s one of the biggest and best classical music festivals in all of Mallorca and it’s set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty

It usually runs May through September in Mallorca, but we’ll keep you updated on dates for 2024 as they are posted!

Es Firó in Port de Sóller: This is a traditional festival that re-enacts a battle between Moors and Christians. There are even boats filled with “North African Pirates” (but not really, you’re safe!) that sail into the Port and then march into town! It’s a spectacle filled with parades, live music, and market stalls.

Mark your Calendars for May 9- 13, 2024!

Soller is also one of the best places to stay without a car since it’s well-connected to public transport. So, if you’re skipping the vehicular device, this might be a fun place to stay!


make sure you grab some ice cream at Mr. McCoy’s Island ices in Soller while you watch. Yes, I mention it in every post but it is that good and I am obsessed okay?

Capdepera’s Medieval Market: Step back in time at this market set around a 14th-century castle. You’ll be able to see medieval arts, and crafts, and taste the food which is obviously the best part! You could also get some pretty interesting souvenirs from Spain here!

Pollença’s Wine Fair: Where are my wine lovers? *Raises hand* Sample wines from over 40 vineyards around the island in the center of Pollensa! The best part? You can taste as many as you want! This is an ideal event for you if you’re staying somewhere that you don’t need a car because now you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving!

We’ll keep you updated when the dates are live!

IronMan 70.3: For the fitness buffs who want to exercise on vacation first: who are you? And second, this triathlon covers some of Mallorca’s most scenic spots. Swim, cycle, and run your way through this epic race.

It’s on May 11, 2024 and you can register here!

TotalTri Mallorca: Another one one for the fitness buffs! Swim around Cala Millor beach, cycle to Manacor and back, and run along Cala Millor’s coastline

It’s on May 5th, 2024 and you can get details here.

Puerto Portals Farmers Market: If you’re into local produce, this market is a great way to get acquainted with Mallorcan flavors. You could even grab some local ingredients, head back to where you’re staying, and then make a romantic dinner together!

PalmaVela Regatta – This is a very popular event internationally! You will see large and small yachts racing around Palma Bay!

It’ll be on April 27th to May 5, 2024 and you can find info here!

Hotels get booked really quickly, especially around festivals, so you want to book in advance! As Palma is a great base, here are our top picks for accommodation near Palma:

For a mid-budget accommodation (our go-to) we suggest this Airbnb as it’s centrally located in the center of Palma, walkable to basically all the sites, and is a traditional, Mallorcan-style apartment with a beautiful balcony! We loved it here but it’s not the cheapest or most luxurious option!

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Budget: If you’re looking to save a buck, it’s a bit hard in Mallorca! However, we recommend MHOUSE Boutique Hotel Palma. It’s located in the heart of the city right by the antique train station for a winning location, and even has the option to have breakfast included!

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Luxury: want to treat yourself? We recommend the Puro Grand Hotel! The place oozes romance and class with its Arabic-inspired design and charming courtyard (I mean, just look at it!) The location is central and amazing too!

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If none of those float your boat, or you want to stay outside of Palma, click here to check out other options around the island. You’ll also get hotel photos, reviews and info to make it easier!

What to Wear In Mallorca in May

May in Mallorca is a blend of sunny days and mild evenings, making it essential to pack versatile clothing. Think layers—lightweight tops, a couple of long-sleeve shirts, and a light jacket for those cooler nights. Don’t forget your swimsuits, as the beaches are ready for suntanning and the sea is warming up. Comfortable walking shoes are a must, especially if you plan to explore the charming villages or take on some hiking trails! We swear by our Allbirds.

For Women: A flowy sundress is perfect for daytime outings and can easily transition to a dinner look with a light shawl or cropped jacket. I also love jumpsuits for this reason! 

For Men: A mix of casual t-shirts and button-ups work great. Pair them with shorts for the daytime and switch to long pants for the evening. You could even bring some of those pants you can zip off into shorts to save suitcase space!

An old cathedral against a blue sky

Packings Tips for Visting Mallorca in May

Here’s the inside scoop on what we wish we’d known before hitting up Mallorca in May:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of layers. Even though it’s warm, the evenings can get a bit nippy. A light sweater or hoodie could be a lifesaver.
  • Swap out those flip-flops for sturdy walking shoes, especially if you’re planning to visit spots like Cap de Formentor. Trust us, your feet will thank you and our foot scars are personal experience proof of this!
  • Closed-toe shoes aren’t just for hiking; they’re also a must for nighttime adventures and driving. Driving in flip-flops is a no-go here as it’s illegal!
  • Save yourself the hassle and get a Spanish SIM card in advance. We’ve had a great experience with World Sim.
  • If you’re a Google Fi user, you’re in luck. It’s a game-changer for navigating the island with Google Maps. Seriously, we can’t recommend it enough and if you don’t have it, get it now.
  • Pack at least two swimsuits. The sea is warming up, and you’ll want options for beach days and potential boat trips. No one wants to put on a wet swimsuit!


Can you swim in Mallorca in May?

Absolutely, you can swim in Mallorca in May! While the sea might still be warming up, temperatures usually range from 64°F to 68°F (18°C to 20°C), making it quite refreshing. Many locals and tourists alike start taking the plunge in May, especially towards the end of the month. 

Is Majorca hot in May?

Yes, May weather in Majorca is relatively warm in May, but it’s not scorching hot. Daily high temperatures average around 75°F (24°C), offering a comfortable climate for outdoor activities. Evenings are milder, with temperatures in the mid-60s°F (around 18°C). 

Is Majorca Hot Enough in May?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for. With daytime highs averaging around 75°F (24°C), it’s warm enough for beach lounging and outdoor activities without being overwhelmingly hot. Evenings are cooler but still pleasant. So, if you prefer a balance of warmth without the scorching summer heat, May is an ideal time to visit.

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Let’s Wrap This Up: Is Mallorca in May for you?

So, is May a good time to visit Mallorca? If you’re after a mix of warm weather and fewer crowds, then May in the Balearic islands is a win-win. You’ll have more opportunities for beach days compared to April and you’ll be able to experience Spanish culture at its finest with all the festivals! It’s a fantastic month to make the most of this stunning destination and it’s well worth visiting!

The next step in planning your vacation is deciding how long to stay! Good thing for you we have an ultimate guide on choosing how many days to spend on the island!

Do you think you would like to visit in May?

Other Months to Consider

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