Mallorca Bucket List: The Best Food, Sights And Beaches

Mallorca is a paradise with beautiful beaches for those of you who just want to relax. It’s got incredible food if you just want to eat and drink, like us. Or, if you’re more adventurous, you can hike the incredible mountains!

When Caleb and I spent a week on our new favorite island and we’ve come up with the ultimate bucket list to check off for an epic vacation!

In this post, we’re sharing some of the touristy things to do, as well as some off-the-beaten-path things so that you can have the most epic vacation possible!

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Let’s get into your Mallorca to-do list starting with a video of some of the highlights you’ll see!

YouTube video

☑️ Quick guide:

  • Our top experiences: a road trip, seeing the sunset and the amazing rock formations.
  • Our top foods to try: Sobrasada, Ensaimada
  • Locations: Deia, Valdemossa, Banyalbufar
  • Beaches: Es Trenc, Cala Deia, Cala Sananyi

Bucket List Experiences 

This part of your bucket list is focused solely on experiences you need to have on the island as opposed to just things you need to see.

1. Go on a Road Trip

Mallorca is home to some incredible roads that go through amazing coastal views, epic mountains, and the dreamiest little villages! It’s also home to some slightly scary roads, such as the Ma-10, but don’t let that stop you because a road trip around Mallorca is something you absolutely have to add to your romantic Mallorca itinerary!

Plus, you won’t be able to do a lot of these bucket list items without having a car and driving around the island, or it’ll make it much harder to do at the very least! So, get a car rental, grab your road trip questions, and check this one off the list!

To go on a road trip, make sure you book your rental car early so they don’t run out! We love Discover Cars as they show all options and prices in one area to save you time!

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A woman sitting on a rock formation looking over the sunset on the ocean

2. See the Sunset 

Mallorca has some of the most beautiful sunsets in Spain– even more beautiful than we saw during our 4 days in Madrid! It’s hard to beat the bright orange, pink, and yellow that the sky turns over the turquoise-blue Mediterranean! Stealing a kiss at sunset is also something that couples have to do!

Where to see the sunset:

  • Our top pick: Mirador Es Pontas
  • The hidden gem: Port d’Andratx
  • The overrated: Sa Foradada (it’s beautiful but wayyyyy too many people!)

3. Drive the Ma-10 

This one should only be added to your Mallorca bucket list if you are a confident driver. We also wouldn’t recommend driving this in the winter months, such as January. The Ma-10 is known as the most dangerous road on the island but also one of the most beautiful. 

This is especially true if you go to Sa Calobra where the road is known as the “snake road” The road is narrow, has no barriers, is littered with hairpin turns, and is right on the side of the cliff which makes for some epic coastal and mountain views.

4. Take A Catamaran and Swim in The Mediterranean

We honestly did not believe how blue the water in Mallorca was and this is even more true when you get in the middle of it! A catamaran tour is the best way to do this as they stop in the middle and let you float or swim! Swimming in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone needs! The best thing is you don’t need to stay somewhere with a car to make this experience happen – you can take the tour right from Palma center!

an arched rock formation in the water

5. See Natural Rock Formations 

The south side and southeast sides of Mallorca have the most epic rock formations, similar to what you would see in Portugal’s Algarve region! Our favorite is Es Pontas, near Santanyi, and it also happens to be one of the best places for sunset and one of our favorite places to drive to on Mallorca.

PRO TIP: the path down to the formation is super steep and rocky. Do NOT wear flip-flops or your feet will get battered. I still have the scars to prove it.

An antique red and orange train

6. Ride The Antique Train

There is a very adorable 1912 wooden antique train in the heart of Palma (across from Placa Espana) that you can ride all the way to Port Soller. It goes through beautiful roads, mountains, and orchards!

PRO TIP: The one thing that we didn’t love about this is that it’s SO touristry. Instead of riding all the way from Palma to Soller, we recommend you ride the shorter distance, just from Port Soller up to Soller Center. You will still get the same experience, just with fewer people and you’ll save a good chunk of change!

7. Visit A Working Orchard

Mallorca has citrus fruit groves all around it, but Soller is one of the most famous, especially for oranges. Once you’re in the center of Soller, you can take a 15-minute walk to a working citrus farm called Ecovinyassa. Make sure you make a reservation as it is required!

a beautiful stone path in a mountain going through a forest

8. Hike The Serra Tramuntana Mountain Range

Mallorca isn’t just beaches and ocean, it’s also home to the Serra Tramuntana Mountains which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site! These rolling, lush mountains are where you will find dreamy villages that you can hike through and even stay at guest houses along the way!

If you love hiking, we recommend checking out the GR-221 Dry Stone Route, a 100km hiking trail that can be done in 4-8 days depending on your speed.

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9. Drive To The Cap De Formentor Lighthouse 

The Cap de Formentor is the most northern point in Mallorca and there is only one road leading down it that ends in a lighthouse. You will see incredible mountain and coastal views as well as an amazing sunset if you time it right!

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PRO TIP: getting to the lighthouse is very tricky in the Summer because the road is closed between 10 am and 7 pm. You want to try to get there early and wait so that you can be first in line when it opens at 7 p.m.! 

An old stone farmhouse in the middle of rolling green hills

10. Stay At a Finca

You two HAVE to get away from the busy “scene” of Palma and spend some time in a relaxing and ultra-romantic “Finca.” A Finca is a gorgeous stone farmhouse that farmers rent out to tourists while they still live there.

They usually provide amazing breakfasts and serene and beautiful surroundings to recharge after a long day of exploring Mallorca by car!

To save you time, here is a list of the most beautiful, best-reviewed and highest-rated fincas all over Mallorca for you to choose from, including photos and traveler reviews!

>>If you want our personal recommendations, we would choose Finca Can Coll Boutique Country House – Adults Only because, uh, HELLO. Did you see those gorgeous grounds with the view and no kids? Omg.

>>Or, Agroturismo Son Viscos if you want something more traditional and laid back instead of so lavish!

11. Take A Paella Making Class

This was one of our favorite experiences during the whole trip! Caleb and I love cooking together and it was SO cool to meet a local from Banyalbufar and go to her dad’s one-bedroom home and make paella together on her beautiful grounds. The wine and conversation flows and the paella is the best we have ever had!

A large pot of seafood paella on a stove

Bucket List Food 

Now we need to talk about all the traditional Mallorcan food you need to eat to accomplish an epic bucket list! We recommend this food tour to accomplish them all easily, plus more!

12. Pa Amb Oli

You may also see this spelled as Pamboli, but it’s essentially translated as “bread with oil.” Don’t let the simplicity fool you though because it’s just so dang good! It starts with Mallorca bread called pan de cristál which is similar to focaccia if we had to compare it to something.

The bread is ideally toasted and a halved tomato is rubbed on top followed by a lot of olive oil and sea salt. We’ve literally gotten so many people back in the USA obsessed with it. My Mom serves it whenever she has company!

Sometimes you’ll find it served with toppings such as Iberico ham, manchego cheese, or sobrasada.

Toast with spreadable sausage and cheese on top

13. Sobrasada

On that note, sobrasada is another MUST to fill your hungry mouth with when you visit. It’s a raw cured sausage that you could compare to a spreadable chorizo. It’s life-giving (not an exaggeration) when you spread it on crunchy, oily spread and top with cheese. It’s might be the main food that makes Mallorca worth a visit in our food-loving opinions.

Yeah. Bring stretchy pants to Mallorca, mmmkay? You heard it here first.

14. Ensaïmada

This is their traditional pastry. It’s a simple, spiral-shaped pastry made with pork lard. It doesn’t taste porky though, just SO light, fluffy, and delish! The traditional version is just covered in powdered sugar but you can also get them filled with things like vanilla pudding or pumpkin jam!

Our favorites were at Panaderia S’Estacio in Palma!

15. Tumbet

This is a baked vegetable dish that is baked in terracotta and is either served warm or at room temperature. We could compare it to the Mallorcan version of Ratatouille.

16. Coca de Trampo

I like to call this the Mallorcan pizza and we love it! It’s a very simple flatbread (the coca) with various toppings. The most typical topping is “trampo” which is a mix of tomato, onion, and green pepper with plenty of olive oil!

17. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

You’re on an island that is known for citrus which means you gotta get some fresh squeezed citrus juice in yo’ life! You can find this in almost any cafe and it’s absolutely vibrant and delicious everywhere!

18. Citrus Sorbet

Move over gelato (but not too far because we still love you!) because the citrus sorbet and ice cream in Mallorca are unbe-freaking-lievable! It makes sense with all the orchards they have and it’s the perfect way to cool down on a hot Mallorcan June or July day!

We 11/10 recommend you visit Mr. Mccools Island ices in Soller Center for the most epic sorbet and ice cream. We will dream of it forever!

Bucket List Locations To See

This part of our bucket list is dedicated to the specific places that you must visit from mountain towns to charming fishing villages. 

19. Drach Caves

The Drach Caves is a cave system with 4 massive caves and one of the largest underground lakes in the world! While this is a lot a bit touristy, it’s still an amazing thing to see, especially if you visit one of the classical music concerts that they have here!

Book your private tour here!

20. Cala Figuera

This charming fishing village dates back to the 14th century and has charming white-painted houses. It’s a great place to wander the streets as it has a different vibe than the small mountain villages for a nice change of scenery.

A beautiful village on a hilltop in the mountainside

21. Deia

Our favorite place in Mallorca is Deiá, a charming hilltop village in the Serra Tramuntana. Deiá has been popular among famous artists and writers so there are many art galleries and shops to explore. There is also a restaurant called El Olivio that has one of the most beautiful settings we have ever seen. 

22. Valdemossa

If you have researched your Mallorcan vacation for at least 2 seconds, you’ve heard about Valldemossa. This dreamy town is also in the Serra de Tramuntana and is surrounded by beautiful hills! Some of the top things to see in the village are The Royal Carthusian Monastery and Jardins Rei Joan Carles.

It’s also a great place to not plan to see anything and just stroll around the village together, admiring the adorable stone houses that are adorned with vines and flowers.

23. Fornalutx

Ya, ya, ya another beautiful village but they just don’t get old and this IS a bucket list post – we have to make the most epic one! Fornalutx is often referred to as the “prettiest village in Spain” and it’s a great place to wander for an hour or so.

24. Banyalbufar

Most tourists visit Valldemossa, Deiá, and Sóller and skip Banyalbufar but you want to check things off this bucket list right? So, you won’t do that.

It’s another charming little town of only 500 people on the West Coast. The main attraction here is the ancient terraced hillsides down into the sea which are gorgeous!

25. Alcudia

This town is on the north of the island and is a unique blend of ancient history and a modern beach resort. What really makes Alcudia special is that it is encircled by medieval walls! It’s a great place to explore the narrow streets with Roman ruins, museums, and amazing restaurants, or get in another beach day while you check it off your bucket list!

26. Santanyi

Oh sleepy little Santanyi, we love you! This gorgeous little town is right by Es Pontás and feels very bohemian and secluded. There isn’t a lot to do here but wander the towns unless you visit on a Saturday or Wednesday.

On those two days, there is a HUGE market and the town becomes very vibrant and lively and is a great place to buy some unique Spanish souvenirs! So, make that an extra “bonus bucket list” addition to see!

A rock cliff in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

Bucket list Beaches  

Now, we have to talk about the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca that you have to add to your bucket list! Honestly, they are all amazing. But here are some the best ones:

27. Es Trenc

Es Trenc is one of the most famous beaches on the island for its Caribbean blue water and bright, white sand that runs over 2km on the south side of the island. If you’re a beach bum kind of couple, you need to check this one off ASAP!

 28. Cala Deia

Since you’re already going to be visiting Deia on this bucket list for Mallorca, why not stop at Cala Deia for a dip? Cala Deia is a tiny cove beach that is only 70 meters long with lots of large rocks to perch on while you admire the green-blue waters and the mountains on your sides!

A beautiful cove with blue water and a small white boat fishing

29. Cala Llombards

Like many of the beaches on this bucket list, Cala Llombards is another cove beach. You’ll find it in the southeast of the island, close to Santanyi. It’s only about 55 meters long but stretches very far back and is surrounded by a beautiful mix of cliffs, rocks, and even pine trees!

There is excellent snorkeling here if that is something you want to do!

30. Cala Pi

The irony of Cala Pi is that the earliest known settlement on the island but is one of the most unspoiled areas to visit! It’s a quiet, natural harbor on the south coast that sits between two rocky cliffs that are studded with pine trees. Pretty!

31. Calo Des Moro

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, Calo Des Moro is in a narrow bay, making the water insanely blue. It does get super busy as it’s small and touristy, so head up for that! If you can get there EARLY you will be much happier!

The easiest way to get to Caló des Moro is to take the staircase from Carrer des Caló des Moro street down to Cala S’Almunia (below), then continue the walk to Caló des Moro. 

a girl standing on a beach in a pink dress with a sunset

32. Cala Santanyi

Even though it’s not a tourist hotspot, this was our favorite beach. When we visited in October, it was very quiet and it seemed like local Spanish were vacationing there, not just a bunch of tourists – you know the ones that say “Majorca” instead of “Mallorca“. 😅 This may be different in the busy Summer months though! 

Bucket List Historical Sights 

Finally, your bucket list ends with the historical places on the island that you have to see before you leave!

33. Cathedral of Santa Maria De Palma

You won’t be able to miss this Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral in the center of the old town if you try. It’s one of the tallest Cathedrals in Europe so you know it’s massive! It also has the world’s largest gothic rose window which you definitely need to see!

PRO TIP: If you go inside, skip the audio guide. It’s super ramble-y.

34. Royal Palace of La Almudaina 

The palace is right beside the Cathedral so you can cross two things off your bucket list basically at once. This palace was built in the 14th century and is where the Spanish king and queen stay when they visit Mallorca.

35. Bellver Castle

The caste was built in the 14th century in the Gothic style as a place for the royalty to stay. It’s on the outskirts of Palma, so you will want to use your car to get there and get to the top as it’s quite a hill! That fact alone might help you decide if you need a car in Mallorca or not! You can also ride the hop hop off bus to that top.

You can buy tickets and check opening times on the castle’s website.

36. Banos Arabes

In the city center, you can explore the remains of the Arab baths from the time that Mallorca was under Moorish rule. They are also surrounded by some beautiful gardens!

PRO TIP: it’s cash only (and only a couple of bucks!) so plan accordingly before you go.

37. Son Marroig

This traditional country estate-turned-museum was once the former residence of the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria. It is now a museum that pays tribute to the Archduke and that you can visit for its beautiful views!

There you have it! You are now locked and loaded and ready to experience the most epic vacation when you use our Mallorca Bucket List as your guide for how many days to spend in Mallorca! If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments!

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, you have to make sure you know how to eat Spanish food like a local! Check out our ultimate guide and tapas tips to make sure you do!

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a girl standing on a beach in a pink dress with a sunset

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