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Creating Your Mallorca Itinerary: How Many Days To Spend

This Balearic island has so much more to offer than just beaches and drinking. We were so surprised at how much there is to do and see on the island and we were overwhelmed with figuring out how many days to plan when we started planning our trip!

Now that we’ve actually visited the island for multiple days, we can confidently say that we can give you the best insight on how many days to spend! A heads up though: how many days you need in Mallorca doesn’t have a straight answer. It really depends on a lot of factors, all of which we will cover in this post!

Ideally, you will spend 5-7 days in Mallorca but this post will help you plan how much you can realistically see depending on how many days you have and what you like to do!

Let’s get into it with a video of some of the highlights followed by all the details you need!

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How Many Days At A Glance

So, how many days in Mallorca is enough? Well, there is so much that makes Mallorca worth visiting that you can’t possibly do it in one day and really need a few days to make the most of this beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Generally, the ideal number of days to spend in Mallorca is 5-7 days.

However, this can vary based on your travel style and general interests which is why I’ve laid some general itineraries out for different numbers of days below.

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1 Day in Mallorca:

Well, we guess that one day on your Mallorcan itinerary is better than no days in Mallorca. With only one day on the island you’re going to have to pick between a lazy beach day or seeing the main highlights only in the capital city, Palma. Sticking to Palma if you only have one day is best, as that is where the airport is and you want to limit travel time and maximize enjoyment time. 

If you really want to see both in one day, you could hit the beach during the afternoon (depending on when your flight lands) and then see some of the sights from the outside at night, as the inside will be closed.  

Then, you’ll have time to get some dinner and a glass of wine in the evening, since Spanish people eat dinner very late anyway!

Where to Stay To Make the Most of Your Day:

One day, you want to stay in Palma.

For a mid-budget accommodation (our go-to) we suggest this Airbnb as it’s centrally located in the center of Palma, walkable to basically all the sites, and is a traditional, Mallorcan-style apartment with a beautiful balcony! We stayed here and loved it but it’s not the cheapest or most luxurious option!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Budget: If you’re looking to save a buck, it’s a bit hard in Mallorca! However, we recommend MHOUSE Boutique Hotel Palma. It’s located in the heart of the city right by the antique train station for a winning location, and even has the option to have breakfast included!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Luxury: want to treat yourself? We recommend the Puro Grand Hotel! The place oozes romance and class with its Arabic-inspired design and charming courtyard (I mean, just look at it!) The location is central and amazing too!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

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2 Days in Mallorca:

With 2 days in Mallorca, you would have time to have both a relaxing beach day and really explore the town of Palma, with some time to try some of the traditional foods!

We recommend exploring the Palma old town on the day that you land, as you likely won’t have a full day. You can shop till you drop on the fancy Passeig del Born and stroll down the pretty La Rambla. Make sure to also see the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma and the Royal Palace of La Almudaina – you can’t miss them in the center of the old town. We recommend spending the evening in the Santa Catalina neighborhood as it has awesome restaurants and bars.

For your second day, you can hang out at Port of Palma de Mallorca, wandering the promenade and chilling at the beach with some gelato! 

Where to Stay to Make the Most of Your Days:

With only 2 days, you want to stick to staying in Palma to balance your travel time and enjoyment time.

3 Days in Mallorca:

With 3 days in Mallorca, you can really start to explore things at a more leisurely pace. This is perfect if you have a long weekend and want to get a little island time.

With 3 days you have a couple of options – you can do everything mentioned above with an extra beach day if that is your style. This would also give you a little more time to explore the main attractions like the Cathedral and and Palace.

You could also devote one day to exploring one of the most popular charming little mountain towns such as Deiá, Valldemossa, or Sóller, which we think is one of the best things to do on the island for couples! You might even have time to add a food tour in Palma one afternoon! Caleb and I do these in all the European cities we visit and they are ALWAYS amazing!

Where to Stay to Make the Most of Your Days:

Just like with one or two days in Mallorca, we recommend staying in Palma if you only have 3 days to visit the island, so you can refer to our recommendations from day 1!

4 Days in Mallorca:

4 days in Mallorca is where things start to get pretty fun. You have time to do all the above things at a more leisurely pace and guarantee that you get at least one day to explore the dreamy, romantic mountain towns in the Serra Tramuntana, and possibly even add a stop at the beautiful Arab Gardens – Jardines De Alfabia.

You can grab tickets to the garden here.

You’ll also have more time to experience the amazing restaurants, try the local food of Mallorca (which is so delicious!) and see at least one beautiful sunset. You might even be able to squeeze in a Catamaran adventure or snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea which should be on everyone’s bucket list! It was one of our favorite things we did during our visit and Caleb and I usually aren’t into that kind of thing!

Where to Stay to Make the Most of Your Days:

If you don’t have a car rental, we recommend staying in Palma to maximize enjoyment time. However, if you’re exploring Mallorca by car (which we recommend!) then you could spend one night staying at a hotel in one of the beautiful mountain towns. So romantic!

>> Click here to check out prices and availability of car rentals during your stay <<

5 Days in Mallorca:

If you have 5 days in Mallorca you are one lucky couple because this is a great amount of time to explore the island!

With this many days, you definitely will want to rent a car and drive around Mallorca so that you can see more things and not waste time waiting for buses. You can basically do everything above at a much less frantic pace. You’ll have more time to wander the beautiful villages, drink wine on the patios, and spend some more time chilling at the gorgeous beaches.   

Depending on how you like to travel, you could even devote two days to exploring the different sides of the island and add some other villages such as Santanyi, Cala Figuera, or Port D’Andratx.

Where to Stay to Make the Most of Your Days:

With 5 days, we recommend spending a few nights in Palma and a night or two in one of the mountain villages. Deiá, Valldemossa, or Sóller are the most popular and we would recommend Deiá for the most romantic or Sóller for more things to do. If you want a SUPER quiet getaway, check out Banyalbufar!

The pages below will show you various hotel options in these cities including images, descriptions, and reviews so you can make the best decision for you as a couple!

>> Click here for Deia. We recommend: Sa Volta De Ca’n Oliver. It’s spendier than we usually recommend but, come on, look at it!
>> Click here for Soller. We recommend: Bikini Island & Mountain
>> Click here for Valldemossa. We recommend: Hotel Sa Vall
>>Click here for Banyalbufar. We recommend: Can Busquets

6 Days in Mallorca:

6 days in Mallorca? Oh lala! Things are getting relaxing!

With 6 days you can basically see all of the island. You’ll have time to spend in Palma as well as exploring the charming mountain towns to the west (Deiá, Valldemossa, or Sóller, and add Fornalutx) and then see some of the Southern towns such as Santanyi with sunset at Mirador Es Pontás. Depending on the season, you could even go on a little road trip to visit the north of the Island and see Cap de Formentor. 

This also gives you ample time to eat your way through the island. Do not forget to do a food tour because you have enough time now!

Where to Stay to Make the Most of Your Days:

Like with 5 days, we recommend Palma and at least one beautiful village. With this many days – you could choose two villages on different sides of the island!

>> Click here to check out prices, options, reviews, and photos for accommodations all over the island! <<

The cathedral in Mallorca made of brown stone

7 Days in Mallorca:

Yay – the most ideal amount of time to visit Mallorca has arrived!

With this many days, you can do all the above at a very leisurely pace, spending more time in the villages, relaxing by the beach and even doing a few more interesting excursions or AirBnB experiences! You can cross of everything on your Mallorcan bucket list with a whole week!

Where to Stay to Make the Most of Your Days:

Divide your time between our earlier recommendations in Palma, and one or two other mountain villages!

>> Click here to check out prices, options, reviews, and photos for accommodations all over the island! <<

Other Things You Should Consider

Your time and budget

Well, like all vacations, you have to consider how much time you have available and your budget. Mallorca is not a cheap vacation and we found it much more expensive than other areas of Spain. The longer you stay the more you’ll spend.

Your arrival and departure time

The suggestions above are mostly for FULL days. A couple of days in Mallorca when you’re arriving at night and leaving in the morning is much different than vice verse.

And 2 days in Mallorca that include arriving and departing the island or 2 days in Mallorca not including arrival and departure days are very different!

Where in Mallorca you are staying

If you decide to stay mostly in Palma, the optimal place to stay without a car, it will be easier to spend less time. However, it might be harder to explore the more beautiful beaches or villages and you have to factor in driving time or bus time if you opt out of renting a car.

How you’re getting around

While Palma and all the little villages are very walkable, you have to consider transit time getting between these areas. This is why we think you need a car in Mallorca – it saves time!

If you’re driving, you also have to consider traffic because this can make driving slower than walking around some of the cities!

Time of year

If you’re visiting during our favorite time to go to Mallorca: in the Spring, such as in May or in April, the Summer like visiting in June, or early Fall you may want to spend more time relaxing by the beach and factor this in by staying more days. There are also more tourists so you will have to more slowly between cities, driving etc so you may want to have more days so you don’t have to rush through everything.

However, if you are visiting during the winter, like visiting Mallorca in December, you likely won’t need much beach time and you can stay fewer days while still seeing a lot!

Your Interests and Travel Style

The overview above helps you to see a little bit of everything. However, if you don’t care about spending a lot of time at beaches or seeing history, like us, you may need fewer days.

If you want to spend a full day at every single little village or see all the sites for art and history you may want to err on the side of longer days.

Tips on Choosing How Many Days to Spend

For Those Visiting for the First Time

With so many things to do on the island, it can be a little overwhelming to know how many days in Mallorca if it is your first time visiting.

We would suggest a minimum of 3 full days for first-time couples as this will allow you to at least do a little bit of everything that the island has to offer.

For Art Lovers

If you are an art-loving couple who wants to do all the things and really explore the endless art galleries and historical sights, the bare minimum for you is to spend 5 days. However, if you can swing 7 (especially if those 7 include traveling to and from the island) you will be better off!

For Foodies

Despite what you might think, Mallorca has quite a bit of local food to explore. And, it has the same (fun) drinking culture as the rest of Spain! If you just care about tasting the food, you need a minimum of 3 days on the island. This will give you a few days to explore the food of Palma, including a food tour and venture into a couple of small villages.

Well, that’s a wrap, folks! Now you know everything you need to figure out the perfect amount of days to spend in Mallorca on your vacation for YOU!

If you have any questions about visiting, just let us know in the comments and we’ll help you out!

After you decide HOW many days you are going to spend, you should know where you should stay don’t you think? We can help with our guide on the best places to stay in Mallorca!

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