Welcome to the Culture Craving Couple mission statement! This is what we’re all about and it is constantly changing and evolving as we grow and change! This is a living, breathing document that we will update as we need to.

We welcome your feedback and would love to hear with you think! You can email us at taylor at culturecravingcouple dot com!

What We’re About…

We believe that as you travel the world, you will grow close together through shared new experiences and memories.  Traveling changes the way you think and interact and help you learn about each other, deepening your relationship.

We want to help couples grow closer by experiencing the world through both giving back to and receiving from the cultures, countries and people that make it special.  We want to help couples TAKE the most amazing aspects from each culture such as the foods, experiences and memories.

However, we also want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and make sure we are not just taking, but GIVING. So the Culture Craving Couple will educate our readers about the important issues and struggles in particular areas and share how they can help out so they not just take, but also give.

We believe that experiencing the world and doing good at the same time benefits the communities and cultures while deepening a couples relationship in a transformative way – whether you’re married or just a “couple” of great friends!