Cordoba, Spain: Mini Guide

Caleb and I LOVE Cordoba! There is so much regional food, amazing, varied architecture and gorgeous surroundings!

The people are super nice, the food is AMAZING, the wine and food is incredible, it’s relatively cheap and it’s beautiful! What more could you ask for?

A brown castle tower in front of a blue sky

Where To Stay:

Since the main tourist area of Cordoba is small, there aren’t as many options to stay as other big cities like Madrid. You will want to make sure you stay close to that area so that you can walk around Cordoba. The downtown, touristy area is super walkable, so no need to take the bus or an Uber or anything like that!

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You could also do Cordoba as a day trip. If you do this, the train station will be about a 20 minute walk to the Jewish quarter

Below, I’ve linked to some places we’ve stayed and some that are on our “wish list” for the future. They are all in a great location. We usually save money on hotels (since we’re never there!) so we can spend more on food, drinks, experiences etc!

So, we have shared options in line with that – nothing SUPER budget but nothing SUPER luxury!


Carmens Guesthouse (Airbnb)
La Ermita Suites (a little more luxe, but affordable)

What to Do:

For being a small city, there is a lot to do and see in Cordoba! Below we’ve linked to some of our favorite activities and also mentioned some things you MUST eat since we are huge foodies after all!

TIP: You have to buy tix for a certain time and there is a ticket booth right across the street. We recommend buying those FIRST, so you know what time you have to be there

If you want to save yourself the hassle of planning/getting tickets, this is an amazing tour of the Mosque, Alcazar and Synagogue! Ideal if you’re trying to do it as a day trip!

El Rincon de Carmen a cute restaurant with a garden inside

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