Giving back while traveling as a couple

We’re a little different than other travel blogs you may follow.

We don’t want to just be “travel bloggers” to you. In a world where a feeling of community is getting lost, we want you to think of us like friends because we’re real humans behind the screen, just like you.

Caleb and I thought we should share a big “why” behind starting Culture Craving Couple.

Yes, it’s because we travel a lot and want to share our personal tips and experiences to help you travel better and have more authentic experiences.

But, it’s also because of a calling that both of us felt like we had on the same day in two different places.

We had been dreaming of starting a travel blog for a while, but we also wanted to go on mission trips around the world to serve those who need help, hope, and healing.

One day, I was working on my old business (a faith-based health coaching biz) and I felt God speak to me that we could do both at the same time and have a unique perspective in the travel blog industry.

We could show other couples how they can TAKE from a country by going to locations and taking all the best food and experiences from it – as a normal travel blog does.

But, we could also go into that country and show how to GIVE back by working with local non-profits/missions organizations to show what the people there are actually struggling with.

We could share different types of opportunities for travelers to give back in some way, either through financial support of local organizations or by actual physical service in the areas that they are traveling in.

Basically, we could show two sides to places we visit – the fun, “touristy” side and the REAL side.

Then, Caleb came home from work the same day and sat me down and told me that he had the exact same calling/dream that day.

I know. Chills right? We knew that this could only be God speaking to us.

Fun fact: Caleb spent part of his childhood as a missionary in Nepal, and it’s given him a love for serving since!

Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s undeniable that this is what we’re meant to do.

I wish I could tell you that we know exactly what this is going to look like – it’s a bit of uncharted territory in the world of blogs, to be honest. But, we’re currently talking with organizations to see what works.

We are even thinking about how we could organize “two-sided travel” trips where you come along and experience both sides of a country WITH US. We would have FUN but also give back!

That is something you can expect to see with Culture Craving Couple as we grow and figure it all out: both the super fun “take” kind of content and also some ways to “give.”

And, this is the page that you’ll find it when we navigate that side of the site!

If you’re only here for fun travel tips, that’s awesome! We LOVE traveling just for fun, food/drinks, experiences, etc. We still do it more often than not!

But we hope you’ll come for the fun travel and stay with us to go deeper. ❤️

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