About us

The two faces behind the Culture Craving Couple!

Hi! We’re Caleb and Taylor, AKA: The Culture Craving Couple! We’re a 30-something-year-old- married couple that – you guessed it – craves experiencing new cultures across the world.

We define culture as really getting into the social culture and customs of a set of people or society. We’re all about trying to help you explore new places like a local: from the food to the cocktails to doing what the locals do and experience!

  • Well, except for experiences with your kiddos, as we plan to remain kid-free. 
  • And not the wild party nights or spring breaks. You won’t find that here. It’s more about the cozy-cocktail-bar-date-night kinda vibe on this corner of the interweb.
On this site you can expect to see the REAL side of travel.  You won’t find overly edited photos with no other tourists in them and girls with their back towards you in flowy dresses.  You won’t only find the “normal” tourist things to do.  We want to show you how to travel practically and truly experience everything a country and culture has to offer!

what makes us unique as a traveling couple is that we aim to not JUST help you “take” from a country but we also want you to give to that country…

Yes, we want you to take ALL the amazing things that country has to offer – food, cocktails, experiences, memories etc – but we also want you to leave it better than you found it. So, you’ll see us also sharing about the real issues the places that we visit struggle with and how you can help give back on your travels.

Read about our mission and perspective here.
The scoop:

It’s our passion to help couples grow close together by experiencing the world and doing good at the very same time. When you bond over these kinds of experiences, it’ll take your relationship to new heights!

Here you’ll find everything you need to travel as what we call a “bougie backpacker.” We’ll help you navigate the best food, booze and experiences that are worth splurging on while figuring out where to cut back on.

You know, like that fancy hotel room that you really do not need because you’re almost never in it anyway!  😏

Yea, you’ll see us staying in cheap Air b and Bs or La Quinta hotels and we make no apologies for it! A room is just a place to sleep in our books.

If that all sounds like your vibe, you are in the right place friend!

But why the heck should you listen to this crazy, culture-craving couple?

First off, we’re both from different countries. Taylor is from Canada and Caleb is from the USA but spent many of his younger years as a missionary kid Nepal! Being in different countries is in our blood!

As of right now, we live the nomadic, traveling lifestyle! Caleb is a traveling CRNA, which means we move around the USA every 3-4 months. We’re always on the move and we’re always on the hunt for new experiences and memories everywhere we go.

With a priority on the best food and cocktails everywhere we go. Because, duh, those things are the best part of life!

We’ve also been married 10 years and have traveling to over 35 countries in just the last 4 of those years. From Southeast Asia to Europe, we have been to almost all of the continents and experienced so many different cultures, cuisines and cocktails (do you see the “C” theme here!)

In fact, we’re in process of getting our European citizenship and we have even backpacked Europe for 3 months during Summer of 2020 when Americans *technically* weren’t even allowed in Europe. And we did it with absolutely zero things planned and just kind of flew by the seat of our pants.

Countries Visited
Days Traveling
Snaps Taken
years Married

Which is probably why we got kicked off a bus at the Croatian border. But, I digress.

Anyway, if we told you how, we’d have to kill you but it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about chasing the most unique experiences and immersing ourselves in the real buzz of each city we visit

From biking in the hidden Czech Republic wine country (that no one ever goes to!) to renting a sketchy moped and booting around the rice paddies of Vietnam, we’ve had some seriously once in a lifetime, totally unique travel experiences and we are SO FREAKING pumped to help you do the same!

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Fun fact about us

Tab through if you want to learn some tidbits about us as a couple!

We don’t have kids and plan to keep it that way…

Our two dog children are enough for us.

Caleb’s nickname for taylor is “sasquatch…”

Because she is really sassy!

Taylor’s nickname for caleb is “love bug…”

Which is gross, we know.

We share almost every meal when we travel…

So we can try more things! “Foodie” should be our middle names!

if it’s under an hour walk, we walk to our destination…

So we can eat more food without coming back heavier. #Logic.

We almost always do a food tour in new countries…

We believe it’s the best way learn about a culture and they’re so fun!

We thought we were going to get murdered in turkey…

When we got locked in a carpet shop and given tea that we did not see prepared. We obviously didn’t though.

We have the absolute work luck when we are flying…

Like, we LOST AN ENGINE when we were flying over the ocean to Singapore and we had to emergency land in Guam.

we thought we were going to get stuck forever in vienna…

When we “lost our passports” one night at a cocktail bar. We found them the next day in Caleb’s backpack. Darn cocktails.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

-Saint Augustine
If that cheesy quote didn’t turn you away….

Get to know the CCC…

Our travel bug bit when we visited Spain (our absolutely 11/10 most favorite country in the world!) on a random Europe trip in 2018 when Caleb had a few weeks off the school he was attending at the time.

And, we were never the same since.  

Since that trip, we’ve devoted our entire most of our life to finding ways to make traveling happen for us. Which is probably a little bit dramatic. But, is it?

We’ve visited 35+ countries with very little of it pre-planned – our most favorite way to travel because you experience SO MUCH MORE – since that trip.  Our love for travel is what made us decide to do the “traveling doctor thing” that Caleb is currently doing so that we can travel around the USA. We love being able to make our own schedule to take time off to travel internationally.

Everything that we do revolves around the question “how can we see more of the world God created?”

We are both Christians (you know, the fun kind) which is where our passion to give back while we travel comes from. We believe that God wants us to experience the world He made to the fullest but to make sure that we don’t just travel entirely selfishly. This is where our unique blog concept came from!

We actually both had the same dream to start the CCC on the very same day, while we were in two different places. 

We truly believe that this is what we were put on Earth to do!