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Mallorca Month-By-Month: When To Visit For The Best Vacation

Ahh, seafood, wine, tapas, sun, wine…. that’s Mallorca! Caleb and I love this gorgeous Balearic island because of its lively culture, INCREDIBLE food, and eyeball-popping beaches. We’ve spent a lot of time there, and we know all about the best time to go to Majorca!

Spoiler alert: the best time to visit Mallorca is in the shoulder season, but there are a few other months that you may find awesome! In this Mallorca guide, we’ll give you all the details on the best – and worst! – times to travel to this sunny island. Mallorca has something for you in every season no matter what you like to travel for!


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Our Personal Advice? The “TLDR”

If, like me, you get distracted by shiny things, here is the “too long didn’t read” version of our Mallorcan travel guide:

In my and Caleb’s opinion, the absolute BEST time to visit Mallorca is in May, September, or early October. While May is almost the high season, it’s still not as busy as the summer months. September and October are the shoulder seasons when people start to leave but aren’t TOTALLY gone yet.

This means that these months are less touristy but still lively enough to not feel like casper the friendly ghost might appear at any moment, you know?

We also have these as Caleb and I’s top picks because of the price and weather ratio. Since you’re not in the high season, the prices will be more reasonable, and the weather is still plenty warm for exploring, swimming, or lying at the beach.

You also will avoid being part of the over-tourism problem in Mallorca by going during the off season and avoid the angry locals. And, if you want to extend your stay, it also happens to be the best time to visit Madrid as well!

Price, Weather & Tourists: what You Should Consider

If you want to save money

If you want to have a romantic Mediterranean moment but still save a buck, then you gotta be a little strategic. Mallorca isn’t the cheapest vacation spot in Spain, but you can still do it for cheaper!

For the cheapest prices of the year, the best months to visit Mallorca are in the off-season of November through March. April can be pretty good too, but starts to increase in price.

If you visit in these months, just be prepared that it won’t be the hot and sunny island vacation you are considering. It’ll be too cold to sit on patios, lie on the beach, or swim in the sea.

You also may find it a little lonely as the island is not super busy. This could be great for more romance and alone time, though – oh la la!

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If you want awesome weather

The best time to go to Mallorca for warm, not scorching, weather is May and the end of September or early October. 

May is when the tourist season starts to pick up because the weather begins to get pretty freaking awesome!

You start getting warmer temperatures and more daylight, so you’ll be sipping sangria on a patio without a jacket. You’ll likely be able to swim, too – we did in both September and early October!

September and October are my and Caleb’s favorite times to visit because the weather is warmer than you might think. We were still doing romantic things like exploring the mountains, swimming and walking around without jackets during the day.

All without all the tourists that the Summer brings. OH YEA BABY.

a beautiful stone cafe with a brown building and chairs surrounded by green plants

If you want it to be less “peopley”

The least busy times to visit the stunning Mediterranean island of Mallorca are also the cheapest: November through March.

The crowds don’t flock there because it’s not as hot and sunny as the Summer. Mallorca definitely gives “sunny, summer beach vacation” vibes.

If you prefer to travel with fewer humans and don’t care if laying on the beach is out of the cards, these are the perfect months for you!

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Avoid these months like the plague

Caleb and I think the absolute worst time to visit Mallorca is the heart of the Summer in June and July. The heat is almost unbearable, and when you stack on top of the HOLY-CRAP-SO-MANY-HUMANS situations?

Avoid….avoid….avoid..avoid…avoid….avoid. (*Turns off echo machine*)

The cities are crowded (and way less romantic!), the prices are high, and you’re sticky and sweaty and grumpy when you’re battling for a spot on the beach, and other people’s selfie sticks are in the way. Seriously, it’s a record-breaking tourist situation.


a cute stone wine bar with hanging lights and table and chairs in Mallorca

Mallorca by Month: Weather and Activities

Still unsure about the best months to visit Mallorca? We’ve put together a summary of the weather and Mallorca temperature by month, along with our personal insight on whether it’s an excellent month to visit or not and why.  

January (Off Season)

January is the quietest and most budget-friendly time to visit Mallorca. The holiday festivities have wrapped up, leaving the island feeling uncrowded. This is great for avoiding the masses but might not be ideal if you’re after a buzzing Mallorca vibe. Still, it’s a bonus being able to explore popular spots without the usual crowds.

Weather: Expect it to be cool but sunny. Mallorca doesn’t see much rain, even in winter. Temperatures typically range from highs of about 57°F (14°C) to lows of around 39°F (4°C), making for a mild January climate.

February (Off Season)

February is very similar to Mallorca in January in terms of cost and crowds – both are low, as February is the off-season! The one pro to February is that Mallorca has Carnival in the early part of the month, which is fun to see if you happen to be around the island!

Weather: The weather in February is pretty consistent with January, with average highs around 60°F (15°C) and lows near 45°F (7°C). 

March (Off Season)

The island starts to feel a little more like Spring in March; however, you still need your jacket. You’ll see the almond blossoms in bloom, which are super pretty!

Weather: Rain chances increase a little bit, but they’re relatively low. You’ll see an average high of 60°F (15°C) to a low of 50°F (10°C)

a beautiful stone building with a door and pink flowers

April (Shoulder Season)

Things start to get really nice in April! The crowds are still away, but the temperatures are beginning to heat up! However, some things may still be closed as the season doesn’t really kick off until mid-May.

Weather: The weather in April is pretty perfect. You’ll see an average high of 70°F (21°C) to a low of 41°F (5°C), and the rainfall stays at an average of only 6-7 days per month!

May (Shoulder Season)

Ahhh, one of the best times to visit Mallorca has arrived! This is one of the best times to visit Mallorca as the weather is warm enough to go without a coat, you can hit the beach, the sun is out, and the crowds aren’t QUITE as high as the Summer!

Weather: You’ll see an average high of 75°F (24°C) to a low of 60°F (18°C). Perfect, right?

June (High Season)

JUNE. YUCK. It’s getting REALLY hot in Mallorca, and the tourists are starting to get a little, you know, touristy. Festivals start to kick in, so that’s a fun little thing!

Weather: The daily average high is around 80°F (27°C), and the low is 65°F (18°C). There is only a 10% chance of rain, so you won’t have much to cool off!

a white sandy beach on the Mediterranean with bright blue sky

July (High Season)

DON’T DO IT. July is rough, you guys. There are people EVERYWHERE, the prices are HIGH, and the heat? My face is melting just thinking about it. 

I mean, if you like the heat at the beach, maybe you’ll like it? Just be prepared for selfie sticks and not a lot of secluded romance situations.

Weather: The average daily high is 86°F (30°C), and the low is 70°F (21°C). There is only a 5% chance of rain, so that’s…good? I guess? No rain to crash your beach party.

August (High Season)

DON’T DO IT, but the sequel. August is the busiest month in Mallorca and the hottest. Crowds are everywhere. You’re sweaty. Restaurants are busy and expensive, teenagers are there to party and might puke on your shoes….everything is just nuts.

Weather:  The average daily high is 88°F (31°C), and the low is 72°F (22°C). However, don’t be surprised if it hits 95°F (35°C) during the day!

If you are a couple like us, you prefer temps that don’t melt your face off, thank ya very much.

September (Shoulder Season)

Things are cooling down A LITTLE in September, making it a nice time to visit! The weather stays warm, and the tourists start to leave, which means fewer crowds and cheaper hotels for you guys!

We prefer the end of the month when things have cooled down even more.

Weather: The average high drops down to 79°F (26°C) with a low of 65°F (18°C.) We LIVE for those cool-yet-warm evenings.

October (Shoulder Season)

October is the best month to visit Mallorca, according to Caleb and I. The tourists are basically gone and the weather is warm but no longer stupid hot.

Weather: The daily average high is 73°F (23 °C), and the low is 60°F (16°C). It is one of the rainier months, but that only means about 6 days in the whole month. Big whoop.

November (Off Season)

With November comes the start of the colder months in Mallorca! The tourists are gone, and the island starts to feel a little festive, especially near the end of the month!

Weather: Daily average highs drop down to about 60°F (15°C) to a low in the mid-50s °F ( around 12°C). You’ll see about 8-10 days of rain in November.

December (Off Season)

December is an excellent time to visit because things are chill, yet many places are still open, and the holidays are in full swing. Most people don’t think of Mallorca for Christmas, so it’s a super romantic, off-the-beaten-path spot for Christmas market adventures.

Weather: The daily average highs are around 59°F (15°C) to lows in the mid-40s°F (around 7°C) with about 5-7 days of rainfall per month.

A woman looking over a balcony into the ocean

There you have it! The best time to visit Mallorca is in the shoulder season or the month of May, late September, or October! If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments and we’ll get right back to ya!

Thinking about visiting Mallorca but not sure how many days to spend? We can fix that! We nailed down the perfect amount of time to spend when we visited the island and put it together in a guide to picking your vacation length!

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Free Email Course: Mallorca Made Easy

Discover everything you need to know to plan an EPIC Mallorcan Getaway in our free email course!
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