A Couples Guide To Mallorca: Spain’s Best Island For A Romantic Getaway

Mallorca is a stunning, Spanish island that is honestly DRIPPING in romance. When we visited as a couple, we found no shortage of things to do! But, while lying on the beach is fun, you don’t need the internet to tell you to do it.

If you’re anything like Caleb and me, you want to blend the usual “touristy” activities with more “hidden gems” so you can experience the true culture of that place! This romantic guide for things to do for couples in Mallorca has 11 unique things that we did to bond, make memories, and have a romantic getaway!

Here is a video with some of the reasons we love Mallorca!

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Quick Tips for A Romantic Getaway 😘

  • ☀️ When to go: during the off-season (April through May or September through October) for fewer tourists and a more romantic vibe,
  • 🏨 Where to stay: A boutique hotel to have the most romantic getaway
  • 🚗 Getting around: use a car so you can see more and not have to deal with bus schedules. We always use Discover Cars.
  • ❤️ Romantic villages: make sure you hit the villages in the Sierra Tramuntana. They’re so romantic and gorgeous!
A hand holding a cup of Pistachio Gelato on a boardwalk

From Sunrise to Sunset: Our Top Romantic Activities

🍨 Eat Gelato On The Paseo Maritimo: For Chill Foodie Couples

The Paseo Maritimo is the boardwalk that runs around the Palma harbor and it’s a beautiful stroll to take together! Our favorite Gelato shop in the area is The Gelato Boutique Paseo Marítimo, and we have tried a lot of them! Grab a cone or a cup (pistachio is the best) and stroll hand in hand around the Mediterranean Sea!

Romantic bonus: If you want extra romance, you could share your gelato but, pro tip: it’s so good you’ll want it all to yourself!

a spiral shaped ensaimada pastry in Mallorca covered with powdered sugar

🍴 Eat your way through Palma: To Get A true Taste of the culture

This one is for the foodie couples like us! We were so surprised that Mallorca has a unique food scene from the rest of Spain! They have their own pastries, called ensaïmada, their version of “pizza” and the best spreadable sausage.

Romantic memory unlocked: we always have the best memories of our vacays together because of food. Trying all the cultural dishes will help you bond and bring your trip home.

A small town built into the mountainside in Mallorca

🎈 Go On A Hot air balloon ride: for epic romance

Ready to feel like you’re on a date from The Bachelor, except with better odds of actually working out as a couple? A romantic sunrise balloon tour is sooo what you need to add to your Mallorca bucket list! What is more romantic than soaring over the stupid blue and crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea with the Serra Traumuntana Mountain range in the background? This will bring a shared sense of adventure to bond over!

Make it romantic-er: You also have the option to add breakfast for a couple of bucks and we recommend you do this as breakfast in Palma can be a lot pricier! 

Or, even more romantic-er: these are usually group tours so you will be with other people! But, still an incredible thing to do as a couple. If you want a private ride, check this one out! The reviews say it’s a once in a lifetime experience and champagne and chocolate strawberries are included – OH LA LA!

A beautiful sunset on a harbor with boats and houses in the background

💋 Steal a kiss at Sunset: to feel like your in a romance movie

Everyone and their dog is going to tell you to go to Sa Foradada for sunset and we disagree. While we won’t tell you to NOT go to Sa Foradada for sunset, as it IS beautiful, it’s ridiculously popular and crowded and not romantic or enjoyable.

Make it romantic: go to Port D’Andratx OR Es Pontas in Santanyi to watch the sunset instead. I mean, kissing in the Mediterranean sunset? Hello, romance!

🚤 Spend the day on a Catamaran: to experience true island life

Instead of relaxing on the beach together, why not spend some time on the water? We LOVED our Catamaran tour which takes you around some less-visited areas of the island and you can swim in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea! They usually provide beer, wine, cocktails, and small bites and it’s a wonderful way to spend the day as a couple.

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A well-stocked shelf in a gourmet shop featuring an assortment of red wines above and various tins of cookies and boxes of cheese below

🍷 Get your wine tasting on: A hidden gem on the island

Did you know that Mallorca produces some incredible wine? Probably not because a lot of Mallorcan wine is not exported, so you have the chance to try something new! We recommend you book an organized tour as it will allow you to try the wine and get some snacks without having to worry about drinking and driving!

Make it more romantic: leave some space in your suitcase to bring some wine home as a souvenir. This way, you can drink it together and share memories of your trip together!

A brownstone street with pastel colored table and chairs

⛰️ Explore the romantic villages on a road trip: For adventurous romance

Our favorite part of the island was all the dreamy villages to explore, such as Valdemossa, Fornalutx, and Deia! While you could see these by public transport, it’s much easier and way more enjoyable to do it via a road trip which is why we recommend renting a car in Mallorca.

Peep our guide to driving and renting a car in Mallorca, grab a car rental, turn up our couple’s road trip playlist, answer our road trip questions, and get ready to get lost in the most magical and romantic streets you’ve ever seen in your life. ←Not an exaggeration!

If you are going to go on a road trip, we recommend booking your car in advance as it can get busy. We’ve always had a great experience with Discover Cars!

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🚂 Share Coca de Trampo on the Soller Train: for local culture and views

While these things could be done separately, you’ll share deeper memories doing them at the same time! We got our Coca de Trampo at Forn Des Port in Soller, just 1 minute away from the train station. This bakery is located in a convenience store (I know, I know. Trust me, it’s so good!) and easy to miss!

Grab a slice to share, board the antique train, and eat delicious food while riding through citrus groves.

Make it more romantic: when you get off in Soller Center, walk 1 minute to Mr. McCoys Island Ices for the BEST locally made sorbet and ice cream ever. Share a cup over a glass of wine (they sell that too!)

People eating at a restaurant set in a grove of palm trees

🍰 Have a Sweet Snack in the Arabian Gardens: a good breakfast stop

The Jardins De Alfabia is a popular tourist attraction and rightly so because it’s GORG and one of the best places to visit by car! However, what generic travel sites don’t tell you is that it has a little cafe inside! It’s the perfect place to grab the freshest squeezed orange juice you’ll ever taste or snack on a sweet little cake while feeling like it’s just you two dining in a jungle. Oh-la-la!

Make it more romantic: go right for opening and have the cakes for breakfast. You’ll have a quieter experience with fewer people!

🥾 Hike The Serra Tramuntana Mountains: for athletic couples

For the adventurous couple, Mallorca has incredible hiking There are many small hikes among the mountain villages that could be done as a day trip OR you can do the Grand Route 221! This major hiking route on the island is 100km long and takes 4-8 days.

Make romantic memories: If you decide to do it, you can sleep in guest houses in the villages you pass through! Staying together with locals will be something you guys remember for life.

🍸 Have an “Hora De Vermut” At La Rosa: to feel like a true spaniard

Next to Plaza Weyler, you will find one of the best vermuterias in Palma by both the local’s and tourists’ standards: La Rosa. This small bar gets busy fast and is incredibly boisterous with amazing energy! The vermouth is old-school and delicious as is the tapas menu. I still dream about the mussels in tomato sauce oh my gosh.

“La Hora de Vermut” is the hour before lunch when Spaniards drink vermouth. So act like a local and have a drink together!

Make it more romantic: try to get there close to opening (at noon) if you want it to be a little quieter and easier to cozy up together.

That’s it for our romantic mini guide to Mallorca! There are some seriously incredible and romantic things to do in Mallorca for couples and we know you’ll love your getaway! If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments!

Once you figure out what to do as a couple, you need to know what to eat! Check out our guide on the best traditional food in Mallorca!

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Free Email Course: Mallorca Made Easy

Discover everything you need to know to plan an EPIC Mallorcan Getaway in our free email course!
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