Should You Visit Mallorca? An Honest Guide On What to Expect If You Go

Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands just off the coast of Spain. While most travelers think of Ibiza and partying when they think of this chain of islands in the Mediterranean, there is sooooo much more to them than that!

When we saw a cheap flight to Mallorca pop up, we were a little bit apprehensive. We’re in our 30s now, and we’re not looking to party the night away – we’re looking for great food, cocktails, romance, and exploration, you know? But we love Spain, so we went on the plane!

In this honest guide, we’ll address all the concerns we had (that you might have) and any misconceptions you may have so you can make an educated decision about whether it’s a place for you!

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Essential Info:

📍 Location: off the coast of mainland Spain

✈️ How to get there: accessible by ferry (from some cities) or by air.

☀️ Best months to go: From May through October

🚗 Getting around: by car is the easiest, but public transport is pretty good too.

⏰ How long to stay: at least 5 days, but ideally at least a week.

Isn’t Mallorca Just About Beaches and Parties? The Misconceptions

Like many travelers, we had our reservations about whether Mallorca would be worth visiting, influenced by common hearsay and stereotypes. Now, having explored the island ourselves, we’re ready to debunk some of these misconceptions and share the real Mallorca we came to love.

a colorful street with hordes of tourists walking down it in Mallorca, Spain

Overcrowding and Tourists

We want to keep it real with you so you know what to expect: Mallorca is very touristy. When we were walking down some of the back roads, it was like, “Oh, okay, this is not so bad.” But then you turn down a main street, and it’s just PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.

And this was during the end of September and early October, which is considered the “off season.” It’s probably why you see “tourists go home” signs on some balconies of Mallorcan apartments. 

The misconception factor: This one, unfortunately, is NOT a misconception. But, not enough to prevent us from going back!

A woman standing on a road overlooking a gothic cathedral

The Party Scene

We have heard that Mallorca is basically just like Ibiza, where there are all parties all the time. We love fun nightlife, but not the kind where the night ends with 20-year-olds puking on our shoes, you know?

We spent more of our time in Palma and the dreamy towns in the Serra Tramuntana, and we were VERY happy that we did NOT run into this party vibe that is “everywhere.” 

The misconception factor: The misconception factor: As long as you choose your area to stay carefully, this is definitely a misconception.

TAYLOR’S TIP: travel during the off season and avoid staying at Magaluf or Palma Nova. These are the places to avoid in Mallorca because they are known to be the hotspot for 20 year old party people.

All There Is Are Beaches

We’re not a big “beach couple” and get bored just scorching in the sun all day, which is a HUGE reason why we were unsure if Mallorca would be worth visiting us. But we were SO WRONG here.

Yes, Mallorca has a lot of gorgeous beaches, but it has so much more than that. There are mountains with romantic, dreamy towns, incredible food, gorgeous sunsets, and a big-city vibe in Palma. We spent more time NOT at the beach than at the beach.

The misconception factor: 100% a misconception.

The Price

You might wonder, “Is Mallorca expensive?” and yes, it is. We found it much more expensive than in mainland Spain, such as Madrid.

It’s not as expensive as ritzy places in Europe, like Monaco, but it’s not for those on a tight budget.

The misconception factor: not a misconception – Mallorca ain’t cheap, folks!

A stone archway with palm trees

What Sets Mallorca Apart From Other Islands

Mallorca has the usual features of any other beachy island, like gorgeous beaches, blue water, warm weather, and amazing sunsets.

But, unlike some other islands, it has so much more to offer than just beaches and parties. There really is something for all kinds of travelers, from couples seeking romance to nature enthusiasts and history buffs.

Here are 5 reasons we think Mallorca is worth visiting compared to some other islands you could choose:

A small town built into the mountainside in Mallorca

1. Gorgeous Landscapes and Mountains 

Mallorca is home to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the mountain range, you will wind through lush and gorgeous green forests and sand-colored stone that towers high over the incredibly blue water as a backdrop. 

When we drove down the MA-10, one of the most dangerous roads on the island with EPIC views, we wanted to stop every 5 minutes to check out a viewpoint. 

In the mountain range, you also have incredible hikes and dozens of charming towns to explore along the way. Most islands don’t have this diversity of landscapes!

A public bus on a street with people geting on

2. Easily accessible by car or bus

We wanted to be able to give you exact, real-world information on whether you need a car in Mallorca or not, so we spent multiple days with a car and multiple days without getting around by bus. We are happy to say that BOTH options are very convenient for getting around the island.

While the mountain roads can be quite windy, they connect all the little villages very easily, making driving around by car super convenient.

The bus system is also VERY well done, with all the little villages accessible on the main bus lines. The bus system is also very simple and straightforward to follow, so even though you are in a different country, it’s quite hard to get lost if you choose to navigate by bus.

Many islands don’t have this ease of travel, especially by public transport.

READ NEXT: The ultimate guide to getting around Mallorca.

A large brownstone cathedral with a bright blue sky

3. Rich History 

Mallorca is not just a beachy town – it has a super interesting history! Mallorca was conquered by King Jaume I of Aragorn through Roman rule and Arab rule in the 13th century.

As you stroll through the streets, you can see the influence of all these cultures on the roads, walls, buildings, and architecture, such as the cathedral. Not many beach destinations can say this!

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a narrow stone lane with brown stone buildings and lots of flowers
Valldemossa is dreamy!

4. Dreamy Small Towns

The small villages in Mallorca were by far our favorite and unexpected part of the island. The Serra Tramuntana Range and the coastal area of the island are home to quite a few of the most quaint and magical little towns with cobblestone streets and brownstone buildings to get lost in. Around each corner is another beautiful view, a winery, or a gelato store to pop into while you explore.

The towns feel so old and historical and offer some unique experiences like riding a 20th century antique train from Palma to Soller or doing a Paella class in a local one-room home in Banyalbufar.

We’ve found other island towns to feel just like that: “islandy,” whereas Mallorca’s towns have an older, historical, and more romantic vibe.

5. Incredible food and drinks

The city of Palma is pretty big, and it brings amazing bars and restaurants! Everywhere you look, there is a trendy restaurant serving all kinds of food, as well as small, romantic cocktail bars for a nightcap.

In fact, Mallorca is home to MANY Michel Star restaurants as well as one of the most beautiful restaurants we have ever seen – El Olivio in Deía. It’s not just the usual “seafood and fish tacos” like some other islands around the world.

a girl standing on a beach in a pink dress with a sunset

Considering The Seasons

Choosing the best month to visit Mallorca can enhance or take away from your experience, so here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to visit:

Shoulder seasons (April and May, September and October) – These are our personal favorite months to visit because the weather is still warm, there are fewer people (still many, though), and things are a little cheaper.

If you’re looking for the HOTTEST weather, though, this might not be ideal for you.

High season (June through August) – you will have the most crowds and most expenses during these months. You will also have SUPER HOT weather, which could be a pro or con for you, depending on what you’re looking for.

Is Mallorca worth visiting? Pinterest Pin

That’s a wrap, friends! Now you know everything you need to know when deciding if you should plan a trip to Mallorca. We personally loved our trip and know that you will, too, as long as you keep all this in mind! If you have any questions just let us know in the comments!

Ready to keep planning? Check out our guide to where to stay in Mallorca!

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Discover everything you need to know to plan an EPIC Mallorcan Getaway in our free email course!
a girl standing on a beach in a pink dress with a sunset

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