what if you didn’t have to default to dinner and netflix (again) on your next date night?


The Taste Of Spain Date Night Experience

A totally planned-for-you romantic Spanish “getaway” date night from the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank or taking vacation days to travel!

Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • You’ve tried planning unique date nights before, but they always end up feeling like more work than fun. Ugh.
  • You’re longing to travel the world but don’t have the time or budget for a vacation right now.
  • You’ve spent too many date nights arguing over what to do or feeling indecisive about how to make it special, romantic and fun.
  • You’re tired of the “let’s go out for dinner” date night routine where you go to the same restaurant, order the same food, and do the SAME thing. You are craving something exciting and new!

What if there was a way to enjoy a romantic getaway without the hassle of packing, jet lag, or Taking PTO?

There is!!

That is exactly why we created The Taste of Spain date night experience!

Your ultimate guide to having a unique, romantic Spanish getaway from the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank or taking vacation days!

Here’s the scoop:

Okay, so what is the taste of Spain Date Night experience?

Easy Date Nights!

Imagine finally having a solution that eliminates the stress of planning…only to wind up on the couch watching Schitts Creek (for the 4th time) because you don’t have time to put the effort in. Our Date Night Experience is exactly that. Say goodbye to boring evenings and hello to a journey through the flavors, sights, and sounds of Spain, all from the comfort of your own home.

Wine Time!

Our Date Night Experience is carefully curated into three distinct parts: food, atmosphere, and entertainment. You’ll eat authentic Spanish tapas with wine pairings, set the mood with our custom Spanish playlist and attire guide, and go on a virtual tour (that we made) of Spain’s most iconic locations and down its famous tapas street. You’ll feel like you’re right in the city!


Best of all, our Date Night Experience is designed to cater to your unique preferences and dietary needs. Whether you’re a fan of savory chorizo or prefer simple marinated olives, our tapas guide has something for everyone. With our suggested wine pairings and alternatives guide, you can easily customize your date night to suit your tastes and style. No cookie-cutter date nights to see here!

what’s in it for you?

Our Taste of Spain Date Night Experience is your ticket to breaking free from the same old date night routine and injecting some much-needed excitement and adventure into your relationship. Whether you’re tired of the same old dinner-and-a-movie routine or feeling the itch to travel without leaving your home, this experience is tailor-made for couples like you.

If you’re tired of the endless debate over what to do on date night, whether it’s the same old restaurant or scrolling through Netflix for hours, then our Date Night Experience is for you!

If you’re craving the thrill of travel but don’t have the time or budget for a vacation, then our Date Night Experience is your passport to adventure!

Heck, if you just need a reason to eat good food and drink wine together (don’t we all?), this experience is for you!

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A curated selection of authentic Spanish tapas and wine pairings so good you might cry tears of joy.
  • A custom Spanish playlist and attire guide to set the mood and transport you to the streets of Spain.
  • A private video tour of Spain’s most iconic locations, including a tapas crawl of Madrid’s famous Calle Cava Baja. You’ll feel like a local!
  • Recommendations for additional Spanish-themed entertainment, including movies, and virtual tours.

All that is possible with our Taste of Spain date night experience!

Now only $7!

Hi! We’re Caleb And Taylor!

AKA: The Culture Craving Couple!

We live the nomadic, traveling lifestyle. We’re always on the move and we’re always on the hunt for new experiences and memories everywhere we go.

With a priority on the best food and cocktails everywhere we go. Because, duh, those things are the best part of life!

We’ve also been married 11 years and have traveled to almost 50 countries in just the last 4 of those years. From Asia to Europe, we’ve done it all!

Now, it’s our passion to help couples grow closer together by experiencing the world and doing good at the very same time!

When we’re not traveling, we do date nights at home just like this Date Night Experience and it’s helped us have fun and deepen our relationship!

A smiling couple stands in the snow at night, with the illuminated Gothic architecture of Wroclaw’s Cathedral reflecting in the Oder River behind them

Here’s what is inside:

Food. Because that’s the best part right?

You’ll find a variety of authentic Spanish tapas and wine pairings that might just make your tastebuds fall off your head. From mouthwatering garlic shrimp to spicy chorizo in red wine, each dish brings the flavors of Spain right to your table. Cooking and drinking wine together…isn’t that the start of all the best rom-coms?

Set the mood. Oh la la!

Set the scene for romance with our custom Spanish playlist and attire guide. Our Spotify playlist will make you feel like you’re dancing in a flamenco theatre (which might sound like a good idea after that Spanish wine!) With our attire guide, dressing like Spaniards will add an extra touch of fun.

Date night activities.

Take a virtual tour of Spain’s most iconic locations, from gorgeous cathedrals to bustling, shoulder-to-shoulder tapas bars. Our private video tour will give you a glimpse into the beauty and culture of Spain, right from the comfort of your own home! No plane ticket, jet lag, or crappy airplane meal required.

We saw your brain turning..

Questions your fellow couples asked before grabbing their date night:

Our goal is to make your date night as stress-free as possible. While some of the recipes may require a bit of preparation, we’ve also included simpler options for couples who want to spend less time in the kitchen. Overall, you can customize your experience based on the time and energy you want to invest, whether it’s a full-blown cooking extravaganza or a quick and easy snack spread.

No problem! Our guide has many gluten-free and dairy-free recipes so that there is something for everyone! If you’re a vegetarian, our Spanish snack suggestions have plenty of meat-free options for your date night experience! 

Absolutely! While we provide recommendations for Spanish wine pairings to enhance your date night experience, feel free to substitute with your favorite wines or other beverages if you prefer. The important thing is to enjoy the flavors and atmosphere that make your date night special.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get an email with a PDF download with all your date night info! Easy peasy!

Yes, our virtual tour and activities are designed to transport you to the heart of Spain, regardless of whether you’ve visited the country before. Whether you’re dreaming of a future trip or simply want to explore a new culture from home, our activities are perfect for couples looking to add a touch of adventure to their date night.

We’ve kept the recipes and activities in our guide accessible and easy to follow. You likely already have most of the equipment and ingredients needed for the recipes in your kitchen. If some aren’t accessible to you, you’ll find plenty of options for eats inside our date night guide!

No alcohol? No problem! You can either get an alcohol-free wine to sip or use in our tinto de verano recipe or sub any non-alcoholic beverage that you prefer!

Here’s how this works:

Grab your digital copy of Taste of Spain Date Night here.

Check your inbox for your download so you can jump in And Have your date night this weekend.

Implement the guide and Easily create lasting travel memories together without the flight!

Imagine where you could be this weekend…

🍷 You could be whipping up mouthwatering Spanish tapas with your partner, no chef skills required.

🍷 You could be sipping on a glass of vino, feeling bubbly and ready for an evening of fun.

🍷 You could be laughing and bonding with your partner over a shared love of exploring the world , free from the confusion and overwhelm of trip planning or navigating time off and budgets.

🍷 You could be enjoying a hassle-free date night that caters to both your tastes and your dietary needs, no compromises necessary.

🍷 You could be forgetting all the pressures of life for an evening by being transported to Spain, and dreaming of when you’ll be able to experience it in real life together.

An intimate moment between a couple in front of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid at dusk, with the historic structure illuminated, providing a majestic setting for a romantic scene.

Your adventure is waiting…

Grab A taste of Spain Date Night Experience


Inside, you’ll find:

  • Complete tapas and wine pairing and recipes.
  • Attire guide and custom Spotify playlist.
  • Private, pre-recorded Madrid video tour + other activity suggestions.