Mallorca in January: Weather and Best Things to Do (2025)

Considering a winter escape to Mallorca in January and wondering if it’s actually worth visiting or if it’s just too cold for enjoyment. You’re in the right place!

Caleb and I adore Mallorca, and while it wasn’t initially on our radar to visit as we always want to go hang out in Madrid instead of the beach over the 6 times that we’ve visited Spain. But, after we personally visited, we’ve found it has its own unique charm! So, is January a go-to month for a Mallorca vacation? Honestly, it depends on what you’re after. If you’re looking for a beachy, sun-soaked holiday, We’d advise against January. But if you’re into quieter vibes, outdoor activities, and a more local experience, it’s a hidden gem. 

In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know for a January visit—from the chilly temps to the best indoor activities, and even what to pack. For the visual learners out there, I’ve also put together a quick video to highlight the must-knows.

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Let’s get into it, shall we?

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From the author: We’ve personally visited Mallorca and have visited Spain 6 times, so we know a thing or two about experiencing it at its best! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we’ll be sure to respond to it quickly!

Pros and Cons of Visiting Mallorca in January


First off, the island is way less crowded, giving you the freedom to explore popular spots by car without the tourist hustle or so many cars on the road. This also means better deals on accommodations and flights—your budget will thank you!

While you won’t be sunbathing, the cooler Mallorca winter is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling, especially in the scenic Serra de Tramuntana mountains. While the almond trees are in full bloom in February, they start up in January which makes for some memorable photos.

Plus, the cooler temps give you the perfect excuse to cozy up in one of the island’s charming cafes or enjoy a hearty local meal like our favorite toast with cheese and sobrasada! It’s also one of the months that the tap water tastes the best, so that’s always a unique pro! It’s a different kind of Mallorca experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad!


While January has its perks, there are some pretty serious downsides depending on what kind of holiday you’re looking for. The weather can be quite chilly, so beach days are pretty much off the table

Many of the island’s popular attractions and restaurants operate on limited hours or close altogether for the winter season, and only start to come alive around the end of April. This means you may have to shorten our epic Mallorca bucket list as not everything will be do-able! If you’re a fan of the bustling nightlife or water sports, you might find January a bit too quiet for your taste.

Also, while the island is less crowded, that means fewer organized activities and events to partake in. 

Mallorca in January Weather graphic

Weather in Mallorca in January

Mallorca’s January weather leans more towards the cooler side, just like the weather in December. You’ll definitely want to pack a warm jacket or coat! The sun makes a modest appearance, gracing the island with about 5-7 hours of sunlight. Cloud cover is a bit more prevalent, with skies staying mostly cloudy around 40% of the time.

As for rain, January sees a slightly higher chance at around 30%, but it usually amounts to just a few days of showers. 

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Temperature in Mallorca in January

January is Mallorca’s coldest month of the year, but it can still be quite manageable for those who don’t mind bundling up a bit. According to Weather Spark, Mallorca temperature in January sees an average high temperature ranging from 50-55°F (10-13°C). When the sun sets, you’ll feel the chill, as temperatures can dip down to 35-40°F (2-4°C). Brr!!

Things to Do in Mallorca in January

Just because colder Mallorca weather January means that you won’t be wearing swim trunks and a bikini doesn’t mean there aren’t other fun things to do for couples in Mallorca in January:

  • Explore Palma’s Historic Sites: Palma weather in January is cooler and perfect for walking around Palma and soaking in its rich history. Don’t miss the stunning Palma Cathedral and the Royal Palace of La Almudaina in the old town city centre.
  • Visit the Caves of Drach: These caves are a natural wonder and a must-see. The cooler weather in Mallorca January makes it a comfortable experience, and you’ll avoid the crowds that come later in the year. The caves will be operating on a limited schedule, but there are still enough tours for you to be able to explore them!
  • Go Wine Tasting: Believe it or not, Mallorca has some fantastic wineries. January is a great time to add a wine tasting to your itinerary in Mallorca and taste some local wines, as many vineyards are less busy. I had some DELICIOUS white wine in Mallorca that I wish I had brought back from Spain in my suitcase!

If you plan to rent a car, make sure to do so in advance. We booked through Discover Cars and it was a great experience!

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People walking down a tree lined road in Mallorca on an overcast day

Holidays and Events in January 2025

This month is jam-packed with local festivities that’ll give you a taste of the island’s vibrant culture. Here are some of the must-experience events:

  • Three Kings Parade: Kick off the New Year with a parade on January 5th. The streets of Palma and other towns come alive with floats, and you might even catch some sweets thrown into the crowd. 
  • Festes de Sant Sebastiá: A huge festival takes place and Palma’s squares fill up with live music and massive bonfires. It’s the city’s way of honoring its patron saint, and trust Caleb and I, it’s a party you’ll remember.
  • Saint Anthony (Sant Antoni) Festival: This festival is all about celebrating animals as it celebrates the patron saint of animals! You’ll see parades, bonfires, and even a dance of the devils. The biggest celebrations are in the northern town of Sa Pobla, but you’ll find festivities in other villages too.
  • Christmas Markets – If you haven’t had a chance to drink mulled wine at a European Christmas market yet (it’s the best!!) many of the Christmas markets are open into the first week of January! 

Hotels get booked really quickly, especially around festivals, so you want to book in advance! As Palma is a great base, here are our top picks for accommodation near Palma:

For a mid-budget accommodation (our go-to) we suggest this Airbnb as it’s centrally located in the center of Palma, walkable to basically all the sites, and is a traditional, Mallorcan-style apartment with a beautiful balcony! We loved it here but it’s not the cheapest or most luxurious option!

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Budget: If you’re looking to save a buck, it’s a bit hard in Mallorca! However, we recommend MHOUSE Boutique Hotel Palma. It’s located in the heart of the city right by the antique train station for a winning location, and even has the option to have breakfast included!

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Luxury: want to treat yourself? We recommend the Puro Grand Hotel! The place oozes romance and class with its Arabic-inspired design and charming courtyard (I mean, just look at it!) The location is central and amazing too!

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If none of those float your boat, or you want to stay outside of Palma, click here to check out other options around the island. You’ll also get hotel photos, reviews and info!

What to Wear In Mallorca in January

When it comes to packing for Mallorca in January, think cozy and practical. We’re talking thermal tops, a mid-layer like a fleece, and a waterproof or windproof jacket. Don’t forget a warm scarf and gloves for those chillier evenings. Footwear should be versatile—comfortable walking shoes for daytime exploring and something a bit dressier for evenings out.

For the Ladies: A pair of stylish yet comfy ankle boots will serve you well, both for daytime adventures and evening outings. And, pro tip: pack a pashmina—it’s a versatile piece that can dress up any outfit and keep you warm.

For the Gents: A pair of durable, stylish sneakers are a must. They’re perfect for daytime and can transition into the evening. Also, a lightweight but warm jacket is key; it’s easy to carry and can be layered over a sweater or shirt.

a brown storefront with a patio that has hanging flowers on it

Packings Tips for Visting Mallorca in January

Here’s what you have to know about packing for Mallorca in January:

  • Bundle Up: January in Mallorca can get chilly, especially in the evenings. A thermal top and a cozy knit sweater are must-haves. Add a waterproof jacket and you’re golden.

Caleb spent literally weeks researching how to stay warm in Europe in the cold and we learned about base layers and they saved our lives! I, Taylor, wore THIS set and Caleb wore THIS set.

  • Choose Your Shoes Wisely: Forget the flip-flops; you’ll want sturdy walking shoes or even hiking boots if you’re venturing into areas like the Tramuntana Mountains.
  • Nighttime Necessities: Closed-toe shoes are a must for the evenings, which can get quite cold. Leave the sandals at home this time. We love Allbirds because they are comfy and cute!
  • Stay in the Loop: Consider grabbing a Spanish SIM card before you land. It’s a real-time-saver and ensures you’re always connected. We have personally used WorldSim and had a great experience!
  • If you haven’t jumped on the Google Fi train, now’s the time. It’s a lifesaver for navigating the island, and we can’t recommend it enough.
  • Power Up: A portable phone charger is a smart addition to your packing list, especially if you plan to be out exploring all day. We love that this one has built-in cables!
  • Snacks: Pack some on-the-go snacks like granola bars or nuts. You might find fewer eateries open in January, and it’s always good to have a snack handy.
  • Small Backpack: A small, lightweight backpack can be super useful for day trips and excursions. It’s a convenient way to carry your essentials while keeping your hands free. We love the Travelon family as they are anti-theft as well!
  • Travel Adapter: Don’t forget a travel adapter for your electronic devices. The last thing you want is to run out of battery because you couldn’t plug in.


Is January a good time to go to Mallorca?

January can be a hit-or-miss time to visit Mallorca. If you’re looking for a quieter, less touristy experience and don’t mind cooler weather, it could be a good fit. However, don’t expect beach days or a bustling nightlife. 

Is it worth it to go to Mallorca in the winter?

Absolutely, if you adjust your expectations. Winter in Mallorca offers an escape from the tourist crowds, allowing you to experience the island’s natural beauty and culture more intimately. While you won’t be sunbathing, you can enjoy scenic hikes, explore charming villages, and savor local cuisine. It’s a different but rewarding way to experience Mallorca.

Is Mallorca warm in January?

No, Mallorca isn’t warm in January by typical beach vacation standards. Expect temperatures to range from 40-55°F (4-13°C). 

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Let’s Wrap This Up: Is Mallorca in January for you?

So, is January a month to consider for a Mallorca getaway? If you’re into a more laid-back vibe and love the idea of having the island’s beauty mostly to yourself, then yes! January offers a chance to experience Mallorca’s culture and natural wonders without the tourist rush. But if you’re dreaming of sun-soaked beach days, you might want to wait for hottest months such as June, July, or the heat of August or go in May for the sweet spot of warmth with less crowds!

Now that you know when to visit, you need to know how many days to spend! Good thing we have an ultimate guide on how long to spend in Mallorca!

Would January be a month you’d consider for a Mallorca trip?

Other Months To Consider:

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