15 Best Tapas Bars in Madrid, Spain for Foodies (And 3 to Skip!)

So you’re looking for the best tapas bars in Madrid, Spain, to make sure you don’t miss any of the best eats in the Spanish Capital? You’ve just hit the jackpot!

Caleb and I fell in love with Madrid the first time we went because of all the amazing food – it’s one of our favorite parts of the city! In fact, we love the tapas bars in Madrid SO much that we’ve traveled back to Madrid almost 10 times just to spend some time eating.

If you’re a foodie couple like us, welcome to our corner of the internet where Caleb and I help you guys eat the best food like a local! We think that the 3 tapas bars you cannot miss are Casa Gonzalez, 4 Latas, and La Perejila, and we’ll tell you why in the post. We’ll also share 12 other tapas bars that will make you fall in love with Spain just as much as you’ve fallen in love with each other. 

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I know; you just barfed in your mouth a little. 

Let’s dig in! #Badsegue

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From The Author: Tapas are me and Caleb’s favorite food and favorite part of Spain! We’ve been to every restaurant on this list and truly love them all! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you right away!

The traditional façade of Casa Gonzalez in Madrid, featuring a red awning, displays a selection of wines and cheeses, with two men engaged in conversation by the storefront, reflecting the city's authentic culinary culture.

1. Casa González

You wouldn’t know this epic spot is a tapas bar because it’s advertised on Google as a deli, which it is – they sell various olive oils, canned goods, and spreads, as well as sausages and cheese. You’re welcome for us finding it for you.

But they also have a restaurant and bar with a vast selection of “tostas” and Spanish meat and cheese that pair REALLY nicely with Spanish wine. Fun fact: back in the 1940s, the back bar was a clandestine meeting place for anti-fascist rebels!

What to order: Caleb and I ordered a half portion of the Spanish cheese and a half of mixed Iberian sausage, and it was MASSIVE, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Insiders Tip: Don’t know what wine to pair? We just told the waiters what flavors we liked, and they picked the perfect pairing for our charcuterie!

Address: C. del León, 12, Centro, 28014 Madrid, Spain

A charcuterie plate and 2 glasses of wine sit on a table

2. El MiniBar

When you go to El MiniBar, you will think we lied to you because it’s hidden in a basement with a random assortment of colorful chairs that doesn’t scream delicious tapas.

Don’t worry; we promise the only thing about to get murdered is your TASTE BUDS (#cringe, I know. However, the food is super unique, DELICIOUS, and at a great price. 

Note: we visited El MiniBar before we started blogging and documented every breathing moment of our travels so I don’t have a photo of it. Trust us, it’s so good.

What to order:  The goat cheese with tomato jam looks like vomit, but it’s one of the best things you’ll ever eat.

Insiders Tip: This is an excellent place for a local vibe that is not as overwhelming as some other tapas bars, as it’s got more of a “sit down” vibe.

Address: C/ del Mesón de Paños, 1, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain

3. 4 Latas 

Why does no other blog recommend this “Spanish fusion” spot? Because it’s SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

The atmosphere is effortlessly cool and stylish, featuring dim, atmospheric lighting and chic dark interiors. It’s the ideal setting for a sophisticated yet relaxed, romantic evening with epic eats.

What to order: The sobrasada, brie, and honey bikini (think gourmet grilled cheese, not beachwear), will absolutely blow your mind, and we nearly had a showdown for the last piece of the artichoke flower with egg and Iberico ham.

Insiders Tip:  For the fastest service, walk up the bar instead of waiting for a server. 

Address: C/ de Ponzano, 49, Chamberí, 28003 Madrid, Spain

4. Mesón del Champiñon

The most epic mushrooms have just entered the chat, and you need to eat them. This family-run-since-1960, cavern-like spot with mushrooms growing out of the ceiling specializes in stuffed mushrooms.

Not normal ones, though these are stuffed with chorizo, garlic powder, salt, parsley, and oil. They’re stupid simple and also so stupid good you’ll eat a plate to yourself with #noregrets because it’s veggies and stuff? You gotta try them in Madrid!

What to order: The mushrooms. Obviously. If you’re extra hungry, Caleb and I loved the fried Pedron peppers, too. Look at you being so healthy.

Insiders Tip: Try the traditional way of eating the mushrooms with two toothpicks, just like in the photo on the wall….or just ask the waiter. If you go on our favorite food tour, they will show you how to do it!

Yes. I did end up with a mushroom on my face once. You’ll see.

Address: Cava de San Miguel, 17, Centro, 28005 Madrid, Spain

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5. Casa Labra

Fried fish but make it better is the whole vibe of Casa Labra. This spot opened in 1860 and is the only bar in Madrid with separate areas for ordering food or drinks!

They’re known for their salt cod dishes, which are great with beer or house vermouth. We love that this spot is so local. We saw grandmas bringing TUPPERWARE containers and asking the servers to fill them with fried cod to go. It’s worth a trip to Madrid just to try these.

What to order: The fried cod bites (tarjeda de Bacalao, not the croquettes), which you can get by the piece. But you’ll want more than one, trust us.

Insiders Tip: Get there when they open at 11:30, especially if you’re in Madrid on a weekend! Caleb and I had to wait in line for crispy fish goodness even this early in the day.

Address: C. de Tetuán, 12, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain

6. Perejila

Oh boy, how do I even begin with this hidden gem on Calle Baja in Madrid? The place is decked out in lime green walls with an eclectic mix of mirrors and picture frames. It’s vibrant, lively, and chaotic in the best possible way.

This spot is a favorite among locals, not just tourists, which is a HUGE plus in our books!

What to order:  Skipping the Sobrasada toast with manchego cheese is a no-go. Also, the mussels are out of this world and served in generous portions. Their vermouth de grifo (vermouth on tap) is also an 11/10.

Insiders Tip: The tables are for dining, not just drinking, especially during peak times, so it’s not the ideal spot for drinks alone.

Address:  C. de la Cava Baja, 25, Centro, 28005 Madrid, Spain

7. Taberna La Concha

La Concha Madrid holds a special place in our list of top eateries along the very walkable Madrid tapas street. Famous for their innovative Spanish “fusion” tapas, traditional dishes, and signature homemade vermouth cocktails dubbed “Manuela.” You’ll find some of the best tapas in Madrid center here.

What to order: We’ve tried almost everything, and our favorites are the Thai curry fish balls, stewed pork cheeks, and meatballs in tomato sauce.

Insiders Tip: Stay away from the afternoon – the afternoon waiters were not as friendly to us as tourists, and the food quality isn’t as good as the evening.  We had the pink meatballs to prove it.

Make sure to buy some of their epic vermouth. It’s our favorite souvenir from Spain!

Address: C. de la Cava Baja, 7, Centro, 28005 Madrid, Spain

8. La Casa del Abuelo 

Not to alarm you, but the famous Spanish tapa, gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp), was BORN HERE. This tapas bar, which opened in 1906, focuses on doing everything themselves – from shelling the shrimp daily to making their own olive oil and wine!

Self-sufficient, delicious, and historical? You must go!

What to order: The shrimp, obviously. 

Insider’s Tip: Don’t skip the house-sweet red wine. I know sweet red wine sounds like a sin in Spain, but it’s just a little bit sweet, and Caleb and I thought it paired PERFECT with shrimp.

Address: C. de la Victoria, 12, Centro, 28012 Madrid, Spain and C. de Toledo, 11, Centro, 28012 Madrid, Spain

9. Taberna El Sur

El Sur Bar is a cozy yet vibrant spot feels as authentic as it gets, with its warm wooden benches, eclectic decor of movie posters, terracotta tiles, and wood paneling. It’s a favorite among locals and tourists, with a lively peak-time atmosphere and a more intimate setting off-peak.

What to order: The cod scrambled eggs will make you want to put cod in your eggs forever, and the Grilled Baby Squid With Salad (Chipirones A La Plancha) is so stupidly tender you might cry.

Insiders Tip: They offer half portions of “raciones,” which are basically large tapas, so you can try more food!

Address: C. de la Torrecilla del Leal, 12, Centro, 28012 Madrid, Spain

A smiling woman seated at a bar with traditional tiles, enjoying a glass of dark beverage with a bowl of chips, creating a cozy dining atmosphere.

10. Casa Gerardo

This super-busy tavern is about as traditional as it gets, with a MASSIVE list of vermouth, wines by the bottle, and glass and cheese. Walking in feels like you’ve gone back in time. It’s one of Caleb’s and my favorite spots for a little bite and a glass of vermouth, and it still feels like tourists haven’t overrun it.

What to order: Any toast that sounds delicious to you will be, and a cheese board pairs well with some wine or vermouth!

Insiders Tip: We thought the service could be better here, to warn you. But the food and vibe are totally worth it. Also, get there early. We waited for a table at 11pm at night.

Address: C. de Calatrava, 21, Centro, 28005 Madrid, Spain

11. Pez Tortilla

Visiting Pez Tortilla is another authentic Spanish experience to add to your list of epic things in Madrid, from the bustling, elbow-to-elbow dining atmosphere to their legendary Spanish omelets in various flavors. The place has a youthful, local charm that’s totally our vibe.

What to order:  While all their tortillas impress, the arugula with caramelized onion is pretty much a flavor bomb for your mouth. Or, take one of our favorite travel tips for couples and get 2 so you can share!

Insiders Tip: There is no English menu. It’s just written in Spanish on the wall. There is also no waiter; you order at the bar. 

Address: C. de la Cava Baja, 42, Centro, 28005 Madrid, Spain

12. Taberna Tempranillo

Given its name, you’d expect this bar to boast an impressive wine selection, and after sampling our way through their offerings (you know, for research and stuff), Caleb and I are happy to report it doesn’t disappoint.

The ambiance inside resembles a romantic ancient wine cellar with many displayed bottles. Caleb said it’s “like Merlin’s wand shop, but make it wine.”

What to order:  The quail breast toast and the squid toast with caramelized onions are what dreams are made of. Also, their “huevo dobloa with truffle” did not disappoint.

Insiders Tip: Tables are only for eating. If you only want a glass of wine, stand at the bar.

Address: C. de la Cava Baja, 38, Centro, 28005 Madrid, Spain

13. Bodega Ardosa

Dating back to 1892, La Ardosa is a classic Madrid tavern with two locations in 2 different areas of Madrid. We LOVE this spot because of the vibe – you’ll see young and older people hanging out together. It also feels ancient with its wooden bar and yellow and blue tiles.

It’s standing-room only, and you’re tightly scrunched next to everyone in a fun way!

What to order: Their grilled artichokes and salmorejo (Andalusian tomato soup) are legendary.

Insiders Tip: Make sure you use the bathroom here – you have to walk under the bar to get to them, and it’s a fun experience! 

Address:  C. de Colón, 13, Centro, 28004 Madrid, Spain

14. Lamiak

Our love for Lamiak is real, and we truly believe it’s one of the best Madrid tapas bars! It blends eclectic and vintage charm with its yellow walls, wooden furnishings, and jazz-themed decor.

The place is always alive with energy and feels a little chaotic in a fun, local kind of way. Caleb and I had to wait to get in, but a waiter found us a cozy corner spot with a stool serving as our table while we waited.

What to order:  We love the popular melt-in-your-mouth beef cheeks with super cheesy potato gratin. 

Insiders Tip: They offer a wide selection of “non-toast” tapas at great prices!

Address:  C. de la Cava Baja, 42, Centro, 28005 Madrid, Spain

15. GatoGato

If you’re looking for a romantic, more trendy tapas bar where you sit down to order and don’t really do a “tapas crawl,” then small but cozy GatoGato is where you need to be. The untraditional tapas menu is super creative – no patatas bravas here!

They also have a knock-your-socks-off lunch special for cheap that changes daily, making this one of the best tapas restaurants in Madrid!

What to order: The charred lettuce with pistachio sauce will knock your taste buds right off your head. We talk about it often; it’s THAT good.

Insiders Tip: Make reservations, or you will not get in. The tapas are larger here, so you only need 2 to 3 to share as a couple.

Address: C. del Marqués de Toca, 6, Centro, 28012 Madrid, Spain

3 Tapas Bars to Skip

We hate being negative, but after eating at a lot of tapas bars in Madrid, here are the 3 Caleb and I agree that you should skip when spending time in Madrid:

  1. Mercado San Miguel – while there are decent tapas counters inside, it’s a tourist trap with stupid high prices. You can get better and cheaper elsewhere.
  2. El Doble – They’re rude to tourists and only want to serve you if you order enough for them to make enough money. When we were reading reviews, so many people mentioned this spot but after visiting, we disagree. #Sorrynotsorry.
  3. Mejilloneria El Pasaje. La Ria – While this mussel spot tasted fine, you could tell that they used canned sauce and just microwaved it because the outside of the sauce was hot, and the inner part was cold as ice. Blegh.

Map Of The Best Tapas Bars in Madrid, Spain

Here is a map of all the tapas bars that we have recommended so you can visit them on your own!

If you want to guarantee having great food without planning it out or risking not getting in, we recommend doing this guided food tour in Madrid! Caleb and I have done it twice, had different stops both times and loved both times!


How many tapas bars are in Madrid?

There are nearly 1500 bars and restaurants in Madrid! It is one of the cities with the highest bars per capita in all of Europe!

What is the best street in Madrid for tapas?

The best street for tapas in Madrid is Calle de Cava Baja or Calle Ponzano.

Where do locals go for tapas in Madrid?

Locals go to Calle Ponzano in the Chamberi district or Calle Ibizia in the Retiro district to eat tapas.

Let’s Wrap This Up: The Best Tapas Bars in Madrid, Spain

Now you’re ready to eat your face off in the most awesome and not as painful as it sounds way when you visit our favorite European Capital! Really, no matter where you eat, you’re probably going to find something edible because Spanish people could make shoes taste good.

But, if you follow our guide, you’ll surely have the best eats in the city. We take no responsibility for the new clothes that must be bought after your Madrid tapas tour!

If you want to make sure you don’t look like a stupid tourist, we can fix that! Check out our Tapas Tips guide so you know how to “tapa!”

So, what tapas bar do you want to visit first?

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