The Ultimate Mallorca Itinerary: 7 Days For An Epic Vacation

Spending one week in Mallorca and wondering how to see as much as possible without wasting time? You’re in the right place with our EPIC Mallorca Itinerary: 7 days of adventure and relaxation!

The island is incredibly beautiful with its soft beaches, turquoise blue water, and charming towns – we fell in love with it and think it’s the perfect vacation spot for couples! We visited Mallorca, checked out all the top spots by car and by foot, and even traveled by two different modes of transportation so that we could give you all the insider tips on how to have the most epic and memorable vacation as a couple!

In this 7-day Mallorca itinerary, Caleb and I, Taylor, will share the perfect blend of adventure, exploration, and relaxing beach time because, if you’re anything like us as a couple, you don’t want to spend the whole week laying at the beach! 

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Let’s dive in!

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Getting Around Mallorca

The most popular way to get around the Spanish island of Mallorca is by car, bus, or train. We explored the island by bus and rental car so that we could give you the inside scoop on the best way to get around Mallorca.

We 100% believe that renting a car and driving around Mallorca is the best way to explore! It’s relatively easy (with some nerve-wracking roads like the Ma10, to be totally honest!) but a car will allow you to see A LOT more as you save time and don’t need to rely on bus schedules.

We do recommend renting a VERY SMALL car, though: roads are narrow, and parking spaces are tight. (When you can find them!)

We really live booking rental cars with Discover Cars, as it shows you all the various vendor options in one place making it easier and saving you time!

>> Click here to check prices and availability of rental cars in Mallorca! <<

If you don’t want to rent a car, the bus system is very easy to navigate and convenient. You just may not be able to fit everything on this itinerary in!

Itinerary Overview

Here is a quick overview of what you’ll see during your 1 week in Mallorca:

Day 1: Palma City Center

Day 2: Palma Old Town, Food & Swimming in the Mediterranean 

Day 3: Port Soller, Soller, Fornalutx

Day 4: Deia, Valdemossa, Jardines de Alfabia

Day 5: Banyallbufar, Paella and Hiking

Day 6: Cala Figuera, Calo De Moro, Santanyi, Es Pontas

Day 7: Wild Card Day (Many Options!)

Day 1 – Arrival and Spend Time In Palma

Main sites visited: Old town Palma, Santa Catalina Neighborhood
Hotel recommendations: Air BnB, MHOUSE Boutique Hotel, Puro Grand Hotel
Restaurant Recommendations: WINEING, FABRICK Food, and More.

Where you’re going today and tomorrow on a map:

You made it! Today we’re going to have a relaxing day because you probably need it after a long travel day! I’m also not exactly sure what time you’re arriving, so we gotta leave you guys a little bit of flexibility for day one!


when planning how you’ll be getting around Majorca, DO NOT get your car at the airport when you land. You won’t need it for the first 2 days, so save money both on the rental and parking. Organize your car pick up or day 3 at one of the car rental spots right in the city. Just take the A1 bus right outside departures into the city. You can pay by credit card at the ticket station right there.

Once you get into Palma from the airport drop your bags and either hit the local beach, Playa de Palma for a few hours if you need to take a beach nap or spend some time wandering the streets and dodging tourists! Palma is Mallorca’s largest city which means there are lots of things to do and endless streets to wander.

We have to mention this: Palma IS a big city and has more of a “city vibe” than the other parts of the island that you’ll see on this itinerary, but we love that Mallorca has something to offer all kinds of travelers! 

Wander down the Passeig de Born, one of the most elegant avenues in Palma that has tons of luxury designers if you’re looking to get some epic shopping in. This is also a great place to stop and grab a glass of wine. We recommend you check out the little tapas and wine bar called “WINEING.” Yes, the name is funny but they have a really cool self-service wine vending machine with so many different options to try! 

Another street to stroll down is La Rambla, which is little known by tourists, so it’s a nice reprieve for your tired and possibly jet-lagged self. If you’re feeling hungry your MUST stop at “Claudio Gelato Con Passion” which is this TINY little gelato stand on the corner of downtown Sindicat Street. It was the best and creamiest gelato I have ever had outside of Italy and served by the sweetest Italian man!

NOTE: if you have more time on day 1, check out the itinerary for day 2 because you could do some of that today so you can experience even more of Mallorca! WOOT!


If you like to buy cheesy souvenirs when you travel, you will them very similar in Palma to other places so we recommend that you do your souvenir shopping on day 1 so that you know it’s done and you don’t have to think about it again!

We have a list of things to bring back from Spain, so you can get it all done day 1!

A large windmill on.a brick street with a blue sky

When evening comes, it’s time to visit Santa Catalina, Mallorca’s hippest and hottest neighborhood with tons of amazing restaurants and bars! You could take a taxi but, honestly, we found the traffic to be so slow in Palma that it was usually faster to walk! Make sure to check out the Dutch windmills a 3-minute walk away while you’re over there because it feels like such a random thing to see on an island!

We recommend having dinner at FABRICK Food and more for amazing, creative tapas! Make a reservation because it gets super popular! Then hole up in a cute bar in the area for the night or head back to your hotel to catch up on those much-needed z’s!

Where to stay: 

You’ll want to stay in Palma for the first two nights for sure. Here are some accommodation recommendations:

For a mid-budget accommodation (our go-to) we suggest this Airbnb as it’s centrally located in the center of Palma, walkable to basically all the sites, and is a traditional, Mallorcan-style apartment with a beautiful balcony! We loved it here but it’s not the cheapest or most luxurious option!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Budget: If you’re looking to save a buck, it’s a bit hard in Mallorca! However, we recommend MHOUSE Boutique Hotel Palma. It’s located in the heart of the city right by the antique train station for a winning location, and even has the option to have breakfast included!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Luxury: want to treat yourself? We recommend the Puro Grand Hotel! The place oozes romance and class with its Arabic-inspired design and a charming courtyard where you can grab something to eat or drink. The location is central and amazing too!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

If none of those float your boat, click here to check out other options in Palma. You’ll also get hotel photos, reviews and info on that page to make it easier for you to book!

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Day 2 – Palma Historical Sites and Catamaran Tour or Food Tour

Main sites visited: Palma Palace and Cathedral, Castell Bellver, Mercat de l’Olivar
Hotel recommendations: See Day 1
Restaurant Recommendations: Arabay Cafe, Mama Carmens, La Rosa Vermuteria, Celler Pages

Today you’re going to see some of the main historical sites of Palma and go on a choose-your-own tour adventure based on what sounds most interesting to you!

First, you’re going to need some coffee! Arabay Coffee close to Placa Espana in the city center was our go-to every day we were in Palma! It’s modern, the coffee is great and they have excellent baked goods like the traditional ensaïmada pastry! Feel free to grab one to start the day BUT we have the recommendation for the best one tomorrow! Instead, we recommend getting the traditional SAVORY Mallorcan breakfast: toast with tomato and sobrasada which is like a spreadable chorizo. OMG, we literally talk about it every single day, it’s epic.

If you’re an early riser, you could also wander over to Santa Catalina because there are adorable cafes there. We recommend Mama Carmens for both coffee and some very Intsagrammable breakfast options, although not very traditional!

From here, you’re either going to go on a Catamaran tour in the morning, followed by exploring Palma OR you’re going to explore Palma and then go on a food tour!

Alternatively, if history isn’t super your thing OR you have more time on day 1, you could do the Catamaran food tour in the morning then the food tour in the afternoon, and spend more time at the historical sites on day 1!  

We are not really a “relax by the water couple” but we thoroughly enjoyed this Catamaran tour! You get time to relax on the boat together, drink wine, eat tapas, and then float in the middle of the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea. HELLO BUCKET LIST!

IMPORTANT: Boat tours really only start running for tourists visiting Mallorca in May. If you visit earlier, you may not be able to do this excursion!

A food tour is also something Caleb and I always do in new cities, especially in Europe. It’s a great way to eat ALL the local food in smaller bites so you don’t get too full. You’ll also end up seeing a lot of historical sites so, if you’re not looking to do a deep dive into history, this kinda kills two birds with one stone.

There are a few things to see on your Palma de Mallorca itinerary:

  • Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma – the Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral in the center of the old town and took three centuries to build! You literally cannot miss it as it’s one of the tallest cathedrals in Europe! It also has the world’s largest gothic rose window which is just so pretty!

Fun Fact: Antoni Gaudí helped with some of the renovations in his distinctive Art Nouveau style inside the Cathedral. However, he stopped 10 years in very suddenly and inexplicably. *shift eyes* You can see his spectacular wrought-iron canopy over the main altar inside!


Unless you REALLY like history, skip the audio guide as it kind of just rambles on. It’s pretty enough to just take it in with your eyeballs.

  • Royal Palace of La Almudaina – Built in the 14th century, this is where the Spanish king and queen stay when they visit Mallorca.

After you leave the palace, find the set of stairs that leads you down to the Parc de la Mar. This is the best place to grab the “must-have” photo of Palma’s two most impressive and beautiful buildings!

A woman standing on a road overlooking a gothic cathedral
  • Mercat de l’Olivar – the local market to get meats, cheeses, and fresh produce. There is also a market in Santa Catalina, but it feels a lot more touristy. We thought this one felt more local so we recommend you check out this one instead!
  • Castell De Bellver – This beautiful castle is on the outskirts of Palma, so you will want to use transport to get there and get to the top as it’s quite a hill! The caste was built in the 14th century in the Gothic style as a place for the royalty to stay. You will have to buy a ticket if you want to go inside unless you visit on a Sunday when the castle is free.

You can buy tickets and check opening times on the castle’s website.


DO NOT USE PUBLIC BUS TO GET HERE. It will park at the bottom of a MASSIVE hill that you have to walk up. Not many people know but the castle is a stop on the Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing Bus! So, ride that bus from any of the bus stops and it’ll take you right to the front door. You’re welcome.

Get tickets for the bus here!

For the evening, we LOVED La Rosa Vermuteria! They have incredible tapas and amazing vermouth, which is a huge part of the drinking culture in Spain, and the vibe is just so fun and boisterous! We loved the mussels in tomato sauce and their garlic shrimp has pancetta which is as good as you think it is. #yesplease.

If you want traditional food, try Celler Pages – I had the fish of the day and the classic “Tumbet” which is like Mallorcan ratatouille. 

Where To Stay:

Stay in Palma, and see the recommendations I shared on day 1.

Day 3 – Soller and Fornalutx

Main sites visited: Port Soller, Soller City Center, Fornalutx
Hotel recommendations: Bikini Island, Hostel Soller, Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel and Spa
Restaurant Recommendations: Panadería S’ Estació, Forn Des Port, Mister McCoys Island ices, Restaurante Luna 36, Restaurant Ca’n Boqueta

Where you’re going today on a map:

It’s time to get out of the city and hit up the Serra Tramuntana Mountain Range which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on a Mallorca road trip!

Your road trip itinerary has to start with breakfast! As promised, we have the BEST ever ensaïmada recommendation for you: Panadería S’ Estació. This small bakery is just outside Placa Espana in the city center and the ensaïmada were so fluffy and light that we could weep. They have tons of different flavors and they even have a small section of glass floor where you can see the bakers making them! They make other various traditional Mallorcan foods as well!

Grab an ensaïmada to go and then go get your rental car – make sure to check out our driving and rental car guide for Mallorca so you know what to expect! Then, it’s time to grab your couple’s road trip questions and hit the road!


When we were planning our Mallorca itinerary 7 days for our trip to Mallorca, so many of them had Deia, Valldemossa, and Soller all on day one so that is what we did and we hated it. We are people who usually breeze through cities and we even found this to be WAY TOO rushed to really enjoy the day. So, we’re splitting them up over two days so you can actually enjoy these dreamy and romantic villages.

Today you’re going to visit Soller, Port Soller, and possibly Fornalutx. 

We recommend starting in Port Soller, a charming fishing village with a large bay with beautiful water. You can spend some time walking along the boardwalk and exploring the little shops. 

Once you’re done strolling, head over to the antique train stations where you can take a ride on the antique train up to the main city of Soller (it’s a 45-minute walk otherwise!) Many tourists take the antique train all the way from Palma to Soller but, honestly, we found this TOO touristy and way overpriced. Take the 20-minute journey up to the main part of the city and you still get to drive through beautiful and romantic citrus groves and experience one of the best things to do in Mallorca for couples!

If you’re hungry, we have a hidden gem for you. Find the tiny bakery called Forn Des Port inside a convenience store 1 minute away from the train station. I know a convenience store bakery sounds like a major red flag but trust us, you have to try the traditional Coca De Trampo here. It’s sort of like pizza with no cheese and it’s a perfect thing to split and eat on the train. Look at you – you’re basically locals!

Once you arrive in the city, take a 2-minute walk over to Mister McCoys Island ices for the most INCREDIBLE, hand-made gelato, ice cream, and sorbet with local and seasonal ingredients. Soller is famous for citrus so try anything with it! I also LOVED the saffron and ginger! You can also get local wine here so I mean….when on vacation we eat gelato and wine?

Take some time to wander the beautiful little streets and historic center with the beautiful Church of Sant Bartomeu, sip some fresh orange juice, or take a 15-minute walk to a working citrus farm called Ecovinyassa.

Brown stone steps leading up an old road to a rose garden

If you want to hike/see another village, you can take a 45-minute hike through orange groves to the village of Fornalutx, called the “prettiest village in Spain” and spend some time there. You simply follow the Calle Luna out of town. When you get to a bridge, beside a stone cross and red-brick house continue straight and DO NOT cross the bridge. ) You’ll then pass through the pretty village of Biniaraix and continue to Fornalutx.

Head back to Soller for the evening and eat dinner at the romantic Restaurante Luna 36 (get the octopus or scallops!) or Restaurant Ca’n Boqueta (try the tasting menu!). Don’t eat at the main city square – it’s all not-so-good tourist restaurants!

Where to stay: 

You’ll want to stay in Soller tonight. Here are some accommodation recommendations:

For a mid-budget accommodation (our go-to) we suggest Bikini Island and Mountain Port Soller. It’s adults-only so it’s great for couples, includes breakfast, and has a beautiful view and free bikes!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Budget: If you’re looking to save a buck, try Hostel Soller. It’s located 3 minutes from the city center and train station!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Luxury: want to treat yourself? We recommend the Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel and Spa! We’re talking beautiful views, poolside bars, 3 restaurants, and an infinity pool baby!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Day 4 – Deía, Valldemossa, Arabian Gardens

Main sites visited: Arabian Gardens, Deia, Valldemossa, Sa Foradada
Hotel recommendations: Agroturismo Son Viscos, Bordoy Continental Valldemossa, SA VOLTA DE C’AN OLIVER
Restaurant Recommendations: Pastelería Ca’n Molinas, El Olivio, QuitaPenas Valldemossa, Sa Cova.

Where you’re going today on a map:

Onto some more of the famous and beautiful little towns! First, you’re going to head over to the Jardines De Alfabia which are some beautiful Arabian gardens. You only need an hour or so to explore the gardens and entry is under $10. These gardens are incredibly beautiful and usually less visited by tourists – and you might need a “people break” by this point!

There is a beautiful little cafe in the garden that serves fresh squeezed juice and cakes!

Hope back in the car for 20 minutes and stop at the beautiful village of Valldemossa! There are two large car parks out on the outside of the village! This small mountain town has stone houses, cute shops, and many restaurants. You can spend hours wandering the charming streets, taking in the mountain views, or visiting the centuries-old Carthusian Monastery. This is where the famous composer, Chopin, stayed during the winter.

Make sure to stop into the famous Pastelería Ca’n Molinas to try the famous Coca de patata (super fluffy potato bread, kinda like brioche!) for a light lunch.

Next, jump into the car again and drive to Deia, our favorite mountain town! Parking is hard here, and you may have to drive around a little bit!

This romantic village sits on a hilltop and is just so magical and beautiful! It feels quieter than the slightly more-touristic Valldemossa and you can wander hand in hand along the beautiful streets for hours. Deiá has been popular among famous artists and writers so there are also many art galleries and shops to explore. There is also a restaurant called El Olivio that has one of the most beautiful settings we have ever seen. They don’t take reservations from tourists and it’s hard to get into!


check out the viewpoint “Mirador” on the main road for some gorgeous views of the village! Simply walk up the ma10 towards the bridge (if you’re facing the taxi stand in the city center, turn left and walk in the direction of Soller)

A bonus of Deia is that it has free public bathrooms at the start of Carrer De Robert Graves!

From here, jump in your car and drive 5 minutes to Sa Foradada for Sunset. 

This suggestion comes with a caveat: while this viewpoint for sunset is GORGEOUS and one of the most famous places to see sunset in Spain, it is also one of the most crowded places we’ve ever been in our lives, as seen below.

It’s worth checking out IF you can get there at least one hour before sunset. There is a restaurant called Chill Out Sa Foradada where you can sit and get food/wine to watch the sunset.  

After that, jump back in your car and head back to Valldemossa for the night and a late dinner at either QuitaPenas Valldemossa for a variety of traditional toast with toppings or Sa Cova for beautiful views and delish tapas!

Where to stay: 

You’ll want to stay near Valldemossa tonight. Here are some accommodation recommendations:

For a mid-budget accommodation (our go-to) we suggest Agroturisumo Son Viscos. This beautiful finca (working farm) is so lush and peaceful with beautiful rooms and a delish breakfast served on a terrace.

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Budget: If you’re looking to save a buck, it’s harder but try Bordoy Continental Valldemossa. It has an onsite cafe and bar and is on the road just between Valdemossa and Deia.

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Luxury: want to treat yourself? We recommend the SA VOLTA DE C’AN OLIVER! This is in Deia but We’re talking about a beautiful and romantic villa, walkable to Deia with spectacular views!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Day 5 – Banyalbufar, Beach Time, Hiking or Paella

Main sites visited: Banyalbufar and possibly Port d’Andratx
Hotel recommendations: Same as yesterday!

Where you’re going today on a map:

Today on the ultimate Mallorca itinerary: 7 days we have another choose-your-own adventure!

For the adventurous couple, we recommend hiking the Archduke’s Trail (Camí de s’Arxiduc) near Valldemossa. It’s moderately hard and takes about 4-5 hours to hike, depending on how fast you go. You can hike the trail as a loop or from Valldemossa to Deia. We recommend a loop so you can get back to your car!

The easiest way to do this trail is to go through the Muntanya del Voltor Natural area, where you need to get a free permit as it goes through private residences. Request that HERE and we recommend 4-6 days in advance!

You’ll go through beautiful oak forests, see incredible mountain and cast views and maybe even see mountain goats! This is especially great in shoulder months, like April, with cooler temps!


Download the All Trails App map for the routine in advance as you won’t get cell service and you don’t want to get lost!

If you don’t want to hike for the morning, jump in the car and drive 30 minutes to the adorable mountain village of Banyalbufar! It’s another charming little town of only 500 people on the West Coast that is built more into the hill than others. This gives you incredible views of the mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. It has ancient terraced hillsides down into the sea which are gorgeous!


there are plenty of free parking lots here. However, if you park in a paid lot, we found that the parking meters don’t really work. We had to risk it and we did not get a ticket. A local also told is the “fine” is only $6 if you do get a ticket. But…you didn’t hear that here okay?

While Caleb and I didn’t go to the beach here, we were told by locals that it has the BEST snorkeling, and sometimes baby octopus even crawl up your body and try to play with you! 🤩This is a great way to relax for the morning while strolling through the pretty streets.

A large pot of seafood paella on a stove

Season permitting, we highly recommend this Paella Making class for the afternoon. Patri, a local to Banyalbufar takes you to her dad’s house, a traditional one-room house with beautiful views and many adorable animals! You’ll make the BEST seafood paella of your life with free-flowing wine! It was a highlight of our trip! However, she is in school so she does not run it all year…yet!

Once you’re done you can head back to Valldemossa for the night and eat at the other restaurant that we recommended if you’re still hungry after all that Paella!

ALTERNATIVE: If the paella class is not running, we recommend you jump back into the car and head to Port d’Andratx for sunset, as long as you don’t mind a little drive. Andratx doesn’t make many people’s lists of places to visit in Mallorca and we don’t know why! This gorgeous fishing village is known to be one of the classiest vacation spots on the island and it’s littered with yachts. It’s also said that the villages you see on the hillsides are owned by the celebrities!

This is an amazing place where we watched the sunset. Not only was it gorgeous, but there were tons of restaurants perfectly positioned towards the sunset! 

Where to stay: 

Stay another night at the hotel you did the previous night! If you opt for the Port d’Andratx option you MAY want to spend the night there if you don’t want to drive 40 mins back to Valldemossa.

Click here to check out hotels around Port d’Andratx including photos, info and reviews!

Day 6 – Cala Figuera, Caló des Moro, Santanyi and Sunset and Es Pontas. 

Main sites visited: Cala Figuera, Cala d’Or, Caló des Moro, Santanyi, and Es Pontas. 
Hotel recommendations: Can Ferrereta, Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat
Restaurant Recommendations: Restaurante Bistro Noir, Restaurant Amazoniqüe 

Where you’re going today on a map:

After all the exploring over your one week in Majorca, you’ll need some beach time and that is what we’re doing today! Get up early and jump in the car and head to the south part of Mallorca. We’re going to Cala d’Or, about 1 hour and 15 minute drive away. This small beachy town is known for its turquoise water and sandy coves.

A great place to stop for a beautiful brunch is Restaurante Bistro Noir and then head to one of the beaches in the area for a couple of hours such as Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda, or Cala Ferrera. They are all walkable from each other! Don’t spend too much time as you have more beaches to see!

After you’ve had some relaxation, it’s time to drive 30 minutes to Calo Des Moro, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. This beach is in a narrow bay, making the water insanely blue. It does get super busy as it’s small and touristy, so head up for that!

NOTE: if you are NOT leaving Mallorca on day 7, you could also spend the whole day at ONE of these beaches and do the other tomorrow!

The easiest way to get to Caló des Moro is to take the staircase from Carrer des Caló des Moro street down to Cala S’Almunia, then continue the walk to Caló des Moro. 

If you have some spare time to kill, you could drive to Cala Figuera, a charming fishing village that dates back to the 14th century and has charming white-painted houses. 

Either way, once you’re done sunbathing, it’s time to watch the sunset at Es Pontas, one of our favorite places to visit by car.

This is THE best place in Mallorca to watch the sunset. Es Pontás is a natural rock formation in the water that has the middle cut out.

To get to the mirador, you have to park in VERY small parking down then walk where it says “residents only” (don’t worry, you’re fine!) The walk down is very steep and rocky so don’t be dumb and wear sandals like I did because I have scars to prove it. It’s a very popular sunset spot so try to get there early!

Once the sun has set you can stay the night in Santanyi, which we recommend if you are not leaving Mallorca tomorrow and want a romantic evening, close to the best beaches. Or you could head back into Palma to be closer to the airport!

If you stay in Santanyi, grab dinner at Restaurant Amazoniqüe a gorgeous restaurant with Brazillian and Mediterranean fusion cuisine! Try the banana leaf-wrapped fish!


We found that many restaurants would not serve us dinner much before sunset, just alcohol! So, try to get dinner after sunset so you avoid this!

 Where to stay: 

You’ll want to stay in Santanyi tonight. Here are some accommodation recommendations:

For a mid-budget accommodation (our go-to) we suggest Can Ferrereta. This beautiful property has a garden, private parking, a terrace, and a restaurant with a central location to many beaches!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

Luxury: want to treat yourself? We recommend the Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat! We’re talking about a healthy breakfast buffet, yoga classes, and a location close to great beaches!

Click here to see the current prices and availability!

**Unfortunately, there aren’t many budget-friendly hotels here. If you are looking for that, you may want to drive back to Palma tonight!**

>> Click here to check out options in Palma with reviews, prices and photos! <<

Day 7 – Wild Card Day

We’ve come to the end of our week in Mallorca! This day is a bit of a wild card depending on if you’re leaving Mallorca today (and what time!) or if you’re leaving tomorrow. This means you have a few options for things to do today:

Option 1: If you stayed in Palma last night and are leaving today, your best bet is to stick around Palma and see anything you missed the first few days. You don’t want to miss your flight!

Option 2: If you stayed in Santanyi today and are either leaving Palma in the evening or tomorrow you could head over to Es Trenc Beach on your way back to Palma. Es Trenc is one of the most famous beaches on the island for its Caribbean blue water and bright, white sand! While I was not able to visit, I have heard it is amazing! Another option is Cala Llombards, another beautiful beach with excellent snorkeling!

If you don’t want another beach, the Mondrago Natural Park, a large coastal reserve with wetlands, birds, pine trees, and beautiful beaches is only 15 minutes away.

If you have the evening, consider driving to Port d’Andratx for sunset and then heading back to Palma for the night.


Santanyi has a great market on Wednesdays. If it happens to be this day, it’s worth sticking around to check out in the morning and then heading out to whatever you choose.

Option 3: If you have an evening flight, or are leaving tomorrow, and only spent time at one of the two beaches on yesterday’s schedule, you could do the other beach today and then Port d’Andratx at night (if you can!) and stay in Palma to head out tomorrow.

Option 4: If you have the whole day you could head to the north of the island and check out Alcudia and Cap de Formentor for sunset. You will likely want to spend the night there.

Other Destinations to Include in Your Mallorca Itinerary

If you have more than a week in Mallorca, lucky duck! There is just so much to explore on the island that I wasn’t able to make. I would have loved to see:

  • Cuevas de Drach The Drach Caves is a cave system with one of the largest underground lakes in the world!
  • Ses Salines – A small fishing village surrounded by incredible beaches such as Es Trenc beach
  • Colonia de Sant Jordi – a vibrant resort town that is also close to Es Trenc beach


Is 7 days enough in Mallorca?

Yes! 7 days is enough to see all of the main attractions in Mallorca!

How Many Days Do You Need in Mallorca?

To make the most of any Mallorca itinerary, you need at least 5 days but 7 days in Mallorca is ideal.

How Much to Budget for One Week in Mallorca?

For one week in Mallorca, a couple should budget around $2500-$3000. This will allow you to stay in mid-budget hotels, rent a car, eat out for breakfast and dinner, have some wine each evening, and do a couple of tours.

Let’s Wrap This Up: Your Mallorca Itinerary: 7 Days

There are endless things to see on this beautiful island and you could easily spend more than 7 days here! 7 days does allow you to see all the highlights, make the visit worth it, and spend time at the amazing beaches relaxing together as well!

We hope this 7-day Mallorca itinerary helped you plan your next trip and I’m excited to hear how you like it! If you’re still unsure of when to visit, we can fix that with our ultimate guide to the best months to visit Mallorca!

So, what do you think? Did we miss anything?

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A couple embraces while watching the sunset behind the Crystal Palace in Madrid's Retiro Park, a moment of romance and tranquility by the reflective waters.

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