15 Romantic Things to Do In Madrid to Fall In Love Again

Looking for some things to do in Madrid for couples to boost the romance during your Spanish getaway? You’re in the right spot!

Spoiler alert: Madrid is oozing with romantic things to do. You just need to know where to look! Lucky for you, Caleb and I have visited the city almost ten times, and we’ve explored it everywhere to find the things we found to be romantic as a couple. Now we can share them with you guys!

In this guide, we’ll share 15 ways you can add some romance to your itinerary, along with a popular attraction that you’ll see recommended in every other guide that is NOT romantic at all and you should avoid like the plague.

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That might be a *bit* dramatic, but let’s dive in starting with a video I made of some highlights!

YouTube video

1. Catch Sunset at Templo de Debod

If you’ve done 5 minutes of research on Madrid’s romantic places, Templo de Debod will be at the top of all the lists, and we agree…..sort of. The sunsets that we witnessed at this Egyptian temple in Spain are pretty freaking beautiful, as you can see in our photo.

But, the amount of HUMANS that go to watch said sunset? We don’t want to say they aren’t beautiful because my mom told me never to make sweeping generalizations, but they’re less than ideal for romance.

Here’s what we say you should do: go for sunset but walk just a few meters past the lookout spot. You will still get an amazing view, and there are WAY fewer people for better couple photos.

A couple stands embracing while looking at the Almudena Cathedral during sunset in Madrid, with the grand architecture and clear skies in the background

2. Visit the Royal Palace and Cathedral at Sunrise 

Yes, yes, yes, we know that getting up for sunrise might not feel romantic, but TRUST, okay? Grab your Google Maps, type in “Mirador de Catedral,” and go there.

It’ll take you to a spot on a hill opposite the cathedral, where you can jump the short wall and sit on the grass bank for a GORGEOUS sunrise view, as seen in our photo.

The best part? Even though it’s on Google Maps for everyone to see, somehow, it’s always been empty when Caleb and I visit. I don’t know, but we’re not complaining, and neither will you.

3. Take a Cooking Class (Bottomless wine, hello!)

While hanging out with other humans might not sound romantic, Caleb and I loved this class! You get to cook your meal together while drinking B-O-T-T-O-M-L-E-S-S wine (which is actually bottomless – they were filling our glasses before we were even done.)

The whole “getting to have fun and cook as a couple” paired with a lot of wine and a DELICIOUS final product actually makes for a really romantic evening, even with other people.

We did this cooking class with Cooking Clubhouse and we 11/10 recommend it!

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An intimate bar setting with two martini glasses, one with a dark vermouth garnished with a cherry, the other clear with an olive, on a white countertop, accompanied by a bowl of yellow crisps, suggesting a relaxed social atmosphere

4. Have an Hora de vermouth at la concha 

Whenever Caleb and I visit Madrid, Taberna La Concha on the famous Calle de Cava Baja is our first stop. The food is EPIC, and their house vermouth cocktail, “the Manuela,” will make you guys forget that this isn’t your real, everyday life…

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Depending on how many you drink, that is. 😏

Around 12-2 pm, the Spanish have something called “La Hora De Vermut,” which is the time to drink vermouth before lunch. Cozy up in this adorable little tapas bar for a romantic experience.


Taylor’s tip: the coziest seat upstairs is the tiny corner table immediately to your left when you walk in. If you want a quieter area, head downstairs.

5. Crush Spanish Wine & Cheese at Casa Gonzales

If it weren’t for us telling you, you would never know this deli doubles as one of the best romantic things to do in Madrid for wine and cheese lovers like us. Google Maps marks it as a “gourmet grocery store,” but if you walk past the counter, you have a small and super cozy bar area that serves amazing plates of local cheese and wine or various toasts.

Don’t worry about not knowing what wine you want! We just told our server our preferences, and he picked perfectly for both of us. The mixed charcuterie and Spanish cheese plate is a must, too, because nothing says romance like cheese breath.

A woman enjoying a cozy tea time in a quaint café with a vintage interior and a lush green balcony in the background

6. Have Tea At Salon de Fleurs

If you’re a couple who likes to get off the beaten track like us, this is a MUST. Hidden in the residential Chamberi neighborhood, this is one of the most beautiful and romantic cafes we’ve ever been to in all our travels!

Inside is decorated like a secret garden with plants hanging everywhere, and you can enjoy MASSIVE slices of dessert paired with delicious tea. We shared a lemon pie with a shortbread cookie crust, which was worth every last calorie.


make reservations, or you won’t get in. We got lucky and someone no-showed for their reservation.

7. Wander Around Retiro Park 

Chances are you’ve heard of Retiro Park if you’re planning your itinerary for Madrid, and it’s a must-visit even if you only have a weekend in the Spanish capital! This 350-acre park in the city center has loads of beautiful, quiet trails to walk around hand-in-hand and take some downtime, which you need when you travel as a couple!

You also have the Retiro Park Lake, where you can rent a row boat together. Let’s be honest though: it’s romantic in THEORY until you’re playing “bumper boats” with all the other couples who thought the same.

Caleb and I recommend finding the Palacio Cristal in the inner park because it’s beautiful and stunning at sunset (oh-la-la) but also has a cute little pond where you can sit together and watch the turtles and ducks.

8. Walk the Paseo del Prado

While we’re more of a food-and-wine-and-experience couple over a museum couple, we still recommend you walk down this main boulevard that connects the three major museums in the city.

The boulevard is wide and lined with gorgeous trees and fountains, and it’s the perfect place to relax and stroll hand-in-hand. We always recommend couples traveling together leave some downtime, and this is a great place for that!

9. Walk along the water at Casa del Campo.

Most tourists stick to Retiro Park and miss the MASSIVE Casa Del Campo park in the city center. This hidden gem of a park has tons of peaceful trails to stroll or, our favorite, the lake in the center with the walking path around it.

You could even stop at one of the restaurants for a bite to eat or a glass of wine on the water. Look at you – so romantic!

10. Check out The Botanical garden

Even if you’re not a “garden couple” (whatever that means), you should take a stroll through the Botanical Garden. It has 5000 species of plants, and in the spring and summer, the park is jam-packed with flowers.

Nothing says romance like flowers, am I right, ladies?

Twilight over Plaza de la Villa, one of the hidden gems in Madrid, featuring historic buildings adorned with Spanish flags under a clear sky.

11. Visit Plaza de La Villa at night 

This plaza is one of the oldest in Spain, and it’s SO beautiful at night. While there isn’t much to DO here, it’s worth coming and taking a stroll around the quiet side streets when the sun has just set.  

Check out our photo above to see what we mean. I mean, the romance is oozing through the screen, no? 😏

12. Have Dinner at GatoGato

While we love doing a tapas crawl down Calle Ponzano or eating at some of the upbeat tapas bars in Madrid, GatoGato is me and Caleb’s top pick for a quieter, more romantic dinner with eats that will knock your taste buds off your head.

The restaurant is SMALL and cozy with a great wine list, but they do some seriously creative tapas. Don’t leave without the charred lettuce with pistachio sauce.

13. Watch Flamenco at Cafe Ziryab

You’re smart. You know you have to add Flamenco to your bucket list in Madrid, and we found this small, cozy spot to be away from the tourists, giving it a more romantic vibe.

TAYLOR’S TIP: Flamenco spots aren’t known for their food, so eat before or after and just come for the show.

We did a pre-booked package at Cafe Ziryab, which came with a free drink!

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An empty wine glass sits on a wooden table in a wine shop in Madrid

14. Do A Vermouth tasting

Wine is good, but vermouth? It’s BETTER. We did a vermouth tasting at Madrid & Darracott, and we can’t recommend it enough.

You’ll be sat at a small table with an expert in vermouth, where you’ll get to taste four very unique vermouths together. Prediction: you’ll come home with a few bottles in your suitcase and you’ll thank us for this recommendation.

Two artisanal cocktails sit invitingly on a dark wood table; one is a deep red with a citrus peel garnish, and the other is a creamy, frothy concoction topped with a dried citrus slice, both casting a cozy glow next to a round, lit candle.

15. Have a Drink At Santamaria La Cocteleria 

When you need a break from vermouth and rioja (wait…what?), head over to this dark and sexy cocktail bar with its modern-speakeasy vibe. It has a great selection of super unique drinks that are perfect for sipping the night away.

Skip This Popular Tourist Attraction If You Want Romance: 

Circulo de Bellas Artes

If you read any other article on romantic things, you’ll see this rooftop bar at the top. While we agree that the views and sunset are stunning, we can’t say we felt a lot of romance during our visit to drink crappy-overpriced wine.

Everyone is just here for the Instagram photo (see our photos, all taken the same night), and you’ll spend more time trying to avoid being hit by a selfie stick than staring into each other’s eyes.

Or something romantic like that.

A breathtaking sunset over a cityscape, with the sky painted in vibrant shades of pink and orange, silhouetting the urban skyline with warm, luminous hues.

What To Do After All This Romance

Finding romance in the Spanish capital isn’t hard if you have some insider info from another couple like us because you just have to know where to look! But, if you love yourself some good food, wine, and unique experiences, you’re sure to come back from your vacay feeling closer to each other and Spain is one of the best places in Europe for you to visit!

Romantic things are great and all but our favorite thing to do in Madrid is a food tour! If you’re a couple who loves food, you have to read our guide on the best food tour in Madrid!

So, which of these will you be building into your visit to Madrid?

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Free Email Course: Madrid Made Easy

Discover everything you need to know to plan an EPIC Madrid Getaway in our free email course!
A couple stands embracing while looking at the Almudena Cathedral during sunset in Madrid, with the grand architecture and clear skies in the background

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