These 13 Madrid Instagram Spots Will Make Everyone On Your Feed Jealous

Looking for the most Instagrammable places in Madrid so you can make sure you guys get the best photo to post on your feed and create lasting memories? We got you!

Do we even need to tell you that Caleb and I are all about that good Instagram photo life? We ARE travel bloggers, after all. During our most recent trip to Madrid, we went looking for the most beautiful or cool spots to take photos just so you can get cute couple photos like us. We even got up at sunrise sometimes after a night of Rioja just because we love you that much. You’re welcome.

In this post, we’ll share some of Madrid’s Instagram spots that are common (like Retiro Park and the Crystal Palace) and some hidden gem spots (like Salon de Fleurs and our favorite streets), so you come home with a camera full of memories to post!

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Let’s snap! Starting with a video we made of all the places so you can scope out your fav!

YouTube video

1. Mirador de Catedral

An intimate moment between a couple in front of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid at dusk, with the historic structure illuminated, providing a majestic setting for a romantic scene.

The Cathedral in Madrid is one of the most photographed places, but we think it’s a missed opportunity to go right up the cathedral for your photo – you’ll be too close to get a good angle. Caleb and I always route to the secret “Mirador de Catedral” on Google Maps for the most Insta-worthy photos! It’s particularly amazing at sunrise and sunset, and we’ve always had the entire lookout area to ourselves, so it’s the perfect place for a couple photo like this one! Definitely one of the best Instagram spots in Madrid!

Tip: For the best photo, hop the small wall onto the grassy hill. It’s totally legal, and you’ll get way better snaps!

A woman enjoying a cozy tea time in a quaint café with a vintage interior and a lush green balcony in the background

2. Salon De Fleurs

This cafe is in the Chamberi neighborhood, so it’s outside the city center. But, if you’re willing to make an easy trek by metro, you guys will be rewarded with photos that look like you’re in an adorable cafe in France! Bonus points that it has AWESOME desserts (I still dream of the lemon pie with a shortbread crust, OMG.) This is definitely a hidden gem in Madrid!

Tip: Try to sit at a table near the entrance, as we did, so you get the whole restaurant in the background. Also, MAKE RESERVATIONS, or you won’t get in. We only did because someone did not show up for their reso.

3. Retiro Park

The most visited park in Madrid has tooooons of photo ops! We’d recommend that you do as we do and simply take a romantic stroll through the park – you’ll find tons of pretty gardens and ponds to stop for a snap.

Tip: We like the stone wall on the upper part of Retiro, as seen here. It lets you get cute and unique photos without having people all up in your biz.

A couple stands in a loving embrace before the Crystal Palace in Madrid's Retiro Park, with the sun setting behind the glass structure, reflecting a golden hue over the peaceful scene.

4. Crystal Palace

Honestly, the Crystal Palace is one of the most stunning places in Madrid to get your photos! It’s right inside Retiro Park (use your Google Maps so you don’t miss it.) We’d recommend you go just as the sun begins setting for the most beautiful photos.

Tip: There is a small pond in front of the palace. Walk around the pond until you’re directly facing the Palaco cristal for the best view post to take your photo.

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A woman sits in front of puerta de alcala in madrid surrounded by purple flowers

5. Puerta de Alcala

The Puerta de Alcala, one of the first post-Roman arcs built in Europe, is a hop, skip, and jump away from Retiro Park, located in the Plaza de la Independencia. It’s a popular spot to take photos, and we think it’s the most stunning in the spring or summer when all the flowers in the front garden are in bloom.

Tip: You will see some influencers walking all the way into the gate to take photos. Please don’t do this – it ruins the photos for everyone else who is respectfully sitting on the benches outside the arch and taking photos from further away. Don’t be that epic tourist fail, okay?

6. Royal Palace (Palacio Real)

The Royal Palace is one of the most photographed places in Spain on any itinerary, full stop! This 18th-century palace is Europe’s largest royal palace, and it has stunning architecture and a beautiful garden out front for photos. Just make sure to take time to enjoy it and put your phone down too!

Tip: To get the more unique photo that I took of Caleb above, walk into the gardens on the right side of the palace (if you have the main entrance) and walk towards Casa de Campo. Then go up the stairs and exit, but turn around before doing so – you’ll have an amazing view of the palace. It’s around the “acceso-mirador” on Google Maps.

7. Circulare de Bellas Artes

While this rooftop bar is a total tourist trap with crappy, over-priced wine, it does have gorgeous sunsets if you can battle every other tourist trying to get the same snap as we did.

Tip: Get there REALLY EARLY for good photo spots. If you want to get the best colors at sunset, go down the stairs and try to sit on the right side. If you want to see Madrid looking gorgeously lit up after sunset, sit on the left side.

8. Malasana Neighborhood

Madrid’s trendy, bohemian neighborhood has gorgeous, colorful side streets and lots of street art, so you can simply stroll around and find something unique to take photos of! The yellow, pink, and orange building with flowery porches is the perfect Insta spot!

Tip: If you want a trendy “cafe” shot together, head over to our favorite cafe, Ojala. The inside is super bohemian, the food is colorful and Instagrammable, and they even have a beach bar downstairs complete with sand!

A customer from a rear view looking at a glass counter filled with trays of 'tapas', showcasing a variety of Spanish appetizers, inside a bustling tapas bar.

9. Mercado San Miguel

While we don’t recommend you eat at Merado San Miguel (*cough* overpriced tourist trap *cough*), seeing it is still something to add to your Madrid vacay bucket list, and the inside is pretty Instagrammable!

Tip: You won’t get good photos here later in the day or if you are visiting during a weekend in Madrid. Try to go during a weekday and as early as possible so your photos aren’t so…peopley. 


10. Templo De Debod

The Egyptian temple on a hill in Madrid is STUNNING, especially at sunset, which makes it one of the most insta worthy spots. The bad news is that every other human in Madrid thinks so, too…but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting a photo like we did!

Tip: Simply walk a little bit down the pathway past the main lookout point with the people. You’ll get a gorgeous shot without all the people ruining it.

11. Palacio de Cibeles 

This building used to be the headquarters of the Spanish post office, and now it’s one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in Madrid – especially in the spring/summer when they decorate displays with flowers.

Tip: the shot here is all about a unique angle from taking the photo from low down, as you can see in our photo example of myself!

12. Plaza Mayor

We’ve said it 1 million times: do NOT eat in Plaza Mayor. But you should come here to take cute photos! This square is the largest in Madrid, and the red and brown buildings surrounding it create a unique backdrop. You might even have a nice old man offer to take a photo of you like we did – so cute!

Tip: There are these big poles with steel bases that make a great spot to sit and take photos. Just do not go early in the morning – all the restaurant delivery trucks crowd the square, and it ruined our photos!

13. The Best Instagram Streets

There are a lot of beautiful streets in Madrid, but we have a few favorites that you would totally miss without some insider knowledge. Check out:

  • Cava de San Miguel 
  • Calle de Espejo (my favorite!)
  • Calle de Santa Polonia 
  • Calle Victoria
  • Calle del Codo (an old, Medieval vibe)

Tip: If you guys want to pretend to be cheesy influencers for a day – try to prop up your phone (or use our favorite travel phone tripod) and take photos of you while you walk down the street (best if you use burst mode on iPhone.)

What’s Next After All Those Insta Photos:

Ohhhh, baby, I can already feel your friend’s jealousy through the screen when you post these cute, romantic, and epic photos to your Instagram feed! Whether you choose the serene Retiro park, romantic Templo de Debod, or pretend to be influencers for a day on an adorable street, you’re going to get some memorable photos in our favorite Spanish city!

If you want to get some more romantic photos, you may as well explore our guide on some of our favorite romantic things to do in Madrid! Many of these activities also provide more insta-ops. Hope you upgraded your phone’s memory before leaving!

So, what photo spot are you gonna seek out first?

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A couple stands embracing while looking at the Almudena Cathedral during sunset in Madrid, with the grand architecture and clear skies in the background

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