Budapest, Hungary: Mini Guide

Caleb and I LOVE Budapest. We have lived there before and just fell in love with all the unique things to do. While it’s becoming. more popular, it’s still a hidden gem!

The food is delicious and comforting, the white wine is so good you’ll never want to drink anything else (even if you like red), it’s fairly cheap and it’s beautiful! What more could you ask for?

Where To Stay:

There are tons of accommodation options in Budapest! Our favorite neighborhoods to stay in are District 7 and District 5, with a preference for District 7. “They” say it’s a “party district,” but we personally did not find that. We think it’s a little cheaper and more authentic than 5. Any of those areas are safe bets to stay as you can walk to most places from them (which is the best way to get around Budapest)

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While walking is the best way, taking a tram is fun! The most famous tram with the best view is the #2 tram, but more details later.

Below, I’ve linked to 3 places we’ve personally stayed. the 7seasons apartment was our favorite because you get the comfort of a spacious apartment but the service of having a hotel. The location was EXCELLENT too!

We usually save money on hotels (since we’re never there!) so we can spend more on food, drinks, experiences etc!


7Seasons Apartment Hotel
Rustic Revival Apartment
Holiday Mood Balcony

What to Do:

Bath quick tips: Rudas bath has a bath on the rooftop which is gorgeous at sunset. The most famous bath is Szechenyi Baths. Our favorite was Lukacs – it’s outside of town but felt the most local. Gelert has an outdoor area that is great for sunrise and sunset too

DM us and we can tell you how to “do” the thermal baths like a local

  • See the gorgeous Parliament building. Book in advance!
  • Do a cooking class with Foodapest. We made such delish food, and the wine flowed. The host is so nice too!
  • Explore Buda Castle
  • Go to Warm Up Bar for a cocktail (no menu, just tell them what you like and they surprise you)
  • Check out the unique farmers market at the Ruin Bars on Sunday morning
  • Go on an awesome walking food tour to try all the local stuff quickly!
  • Go to Pichler Gelato and Chimney Cake and eat a chimney cake with PISTACHIO creme inside. Traditional is good, too!
  • Venture a little out of downtown to the cutest little deli, Falu. They serve amazing charcuterie. It’s called “Falu ta’l” on the menu.
  • Ride the #2 tram:

To get tickets look for the purple ticket dispensers on the tram stops. You don’t pay on the tram. To ride the most beautiful part, take the tram right from the start of Margaret Bridge on the pest side (you’ll see the tram stop right at the entrance of the bridge), or you can take it right outside the parliament. and then take it all the way to Zsil Utca station. Then walk along the water back because it’s a super nice, romantic stroll

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