The Best way to save Money on Hotels

Deciding where to stay during your vacay can be really exciting – you get to look through beautiful accommodations, scan pic of free breakfasts or imagine yourself swimming around in a beautiful rooftop pool.

But, it can also be pretty daunting right?

Like, where should you stay that isn’t too expensive but also isn’t so cheap that you’ll be surrounded by teenage party-goers. YOU KNOW?

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Usually, a hotel is an area that Caleb and I save money on – we don’t spend much time there anyway. But we still want it to be clean and be in a good location without breaking the bank. is our most-used platform for booking our hotels/apartments when we travel. You can see a tiny snippet of my “booked trips” tab. We LOVE Booking!

I find that is has the most variety of options for different budgets and I love that you can do so many filters like distance to city center, star rating, price etc.

But, we also find that it offers the cheapest options, if you know how to use it right!

Here are our secrets for scoring the best deals on

Get Genius Status

Getting Genius Status on is WAY easier than getting Genius status IRL, so take advantage of this! 😏

Genius Status is essentially a rewards program for booking through The more you book, the higher your status and the more discounts you get.

At level 1, you get 10% off accommodations. At level 2, 15%, and at level 3 (like I am) 20% off ALL bookings.

You don’t have to do anything else except book accommodations, and you get these levels!

Book with the mobile app wants you to use your phone (for some reason?), so they offer special mobile pricing on some stays, and it will say “mobile-only price” in green on the listing.

This is how you know you’re getting a special deal just by using your phone!

Really. It’s that simple. Just don’t look online; look on your phone, and you’ll save cash.

You’re welcome.

Book Last Minute

Of course, this is only if you can! If you have some flexibility and don’t mind waiting until the last minute, like us, we’ve seen discounts anywhere from 20-70% off! 

You could stay somewhere WAY nicer than you originally thought just by waiting.

Especially if you pair that with a Genius discount!

You fancy now!

Book early and check often.

One thing that we REALLY love about is many of the properties offer free cancellation daily close to your actual stay.

So, if you can’t wait until the last minute, book a hotel with free cancellation, and then just keep checking back to see the price.

If it drops, cancel for free and rebook!

Click here to check out all the accommodations on!

Or use the widget below!


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If you any questions, leave a comment and we will get right back to you!

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