Best Travel Bags

Ater traveling aloooooot, we’ve realized that having the best travel bags is KEY to having a good experience.

We’ve chosen some pretty bad ones and some pretty great ones! We wanted to make sure we shared our favorites with you to make your life easier:

Best Overall Backpack

Osprey 80L Farpoint

We don’t bring luggage as it’s super annoying to drag it everywhere. This backpack changed the game for us. We used to have a smaller backpack that only opened from the top and we had to basically unpack the entire thing just to get to the bottom. Annoying.

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This backpack makes your life so much easier because it opens like a suitcase, so you can find ALL your belongings quickly. 

The straps are incredibly cushioned and comfy (even after trekking with it on for an hour in the snow – we tested it), and you can adjust the backpack so the weight is carried across your hips – this SAVED our shoulders.

Finally, you can zip in all the straps for the airport so nothing gets tangled and then carry it like a suitcase!

Caleb obviously uses the men’s backpack, but I do, too! I really love it.

Check It Out On Amazon Here

Best Travel Purse

Travelon Purse

Ladies, you need a purse that is functional but still, you know, cute, and I LOVE my Travelon Purse.  It comes in cute colors and is pretty roomy inside, with that always-needed inside pocket.

I can even fit my water bottle inside my purse! 

I love that it has two straps, so you can make it a shoulder bag or handbag. The best part is that the straps are removable, and I can clip my water bottle onto the straps when I need the room in my bag.

What I love the most is that the straps have little locks on them so that someone cannot undo your straps and take your bag. 

The outside pocket also has this lock, so you know your stuff is SAFE,

You can see it in the video I made here.

The purse is thick and slash-resistant as well as RFID-proof.

Basically, you look cute, can fit all your stuff, and you know your stuff is safe. Caleb has been pickpocketed before, but I NEVER have been pickpocketed with my Travelon Bag.

Check It Out on Amazon Here

Best Day Backpack

Daylite Plus Commuter Bag

THIS is the GOAT backpack that we upgraded to after the great water bottle headache incident of 2018, and we’ve never looked back.

This backpack is STURDY but not heavy, so you can carry it all day without feeling uncomfortable. The straps are adjustable and padded and you can do them up across your chest to take some weight off your back, making it really comfortable.

Did we mention the back is vented so you don’t get a sweaty back situation? OH YES.

It also has a massive pocket, so you can carry a lot without worrying that you’re going to have to waste time going back to your hotel to get things later.

We love that it has a padded interior sleeve for a water pack OR a laptop.

And, the best part? The water bottle holders ACTUALLY hold the water bottle when we bend over. It’s the little things.

Check it out on Amazon here!

You can check out ALL our recommended travel gear on our Amazon Page Here!

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