How to Get epic deals on flights with going

We love saving money any way we can when we travel.

Especially on things that you just kinda “have” to do like flights and hotels.

Because that means we SAVE money for fun experiences or awesome meals and cocktail bars! 😏

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That is why we LOVE using the website “Going” (formerly “Scott’s Cheap Flights”) for when we don’t know exactly when or where we want to go on vacation.

You simply sign up, input your nearest airports, and watch the flight deals literally roll into your inbox:

As someone who has serious wanderlust, I’m sending Caleb texts about deals and asking if we can go almost every day. 😅

Using Going is how we got to fly to Mallorca, Spain, for $300 roundtrip. I’d say it was worth it, ya?

Ohh, and once, we almost snagged a deal to Tokyo for $100 roundtrip once! I wasn’t quick enough and it sold out. 😓

We gotta be real with you. The good deals from Going aren’t free. But we more than made up for the cost of the yearly membership just with that one flight.

If you want to just test it, they do have a free option, but you only get deals for flights across the USA.

 If you upgrade, you can choose between various membership levels based on what kind of deals you want. We are on the elite plan because I love seeing the discounts on first class. We still usually don’t book them because we like saving money for food and activities…

….but we’re open to a bougie plane ride if the price is right YA KNOW?

You may have heard of Going before but don’t really know how it works, so I made you a quick video walking you through our account!

YouTube video

If you wanna save some serious cash on cool places check out Going here!

Important: unfortunately, Going is only for those who live in the USA.

If you have questions about how it works, leave a comment and we will get right back to you!!

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