Where Should I Travel Quiz For Couples: Europe Edition 

Planning your next trip to Europe together and wondering where you guys should travel? You’re in the right spot because this where should I travel quiz will tell you the next country in Europe that is perfect to visit as a couple!

Caleb and I have been to almost every country in Europe, so we know a thing or two about which countries are better suited to different traveling styles, likes, and dislikes.

If you’re into history, you should pick a different destination than if you’re all about food. Or, if you want to hike your days away, then you need to choose an even different country!

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And, you can have it because we’ll just be over here in a cozy vermouth bar in Madrid enjoying we WHY travel: food and drink!

Top 4 European Countries for Couples

While there is something about every country that we love, our top 4 countries for various kinds of “traveling” styles for different couples are:

A couple stands in a loving embrace before the Crystal Palace in Madrid's Retiro Park, with the sun setting behind the glass structure, reflecting a golden hue over the peaceful scene.

For Foodie Couples: Spain

Spain is our favorite country in Europe. The people are friendly, and the city feels like it never sleeps: there is always something going on, and the party goes on in the evening. Especially in Madrid!

But, the real reason we love it? THE FOOD AND DRINKS. The best food in Spain is simple and so tasty, and we love that it’s all in smaller portion sizes, which makes it great for sharing between two people. The wine is incredible, and the vermouth is so good that we always bring it home as a souvenir.

Descending steps leading to a serene volcanic crater lake in Iceland with lush green moss-covered slopes under a misty sky, with two hikers in bright jackets standing by the water's edge, enhancing the tranquil yet vibrant scene.

For “Outdoorsy” Couples: Iceland

If beautiful, sweeping landscapes are more your vibe, then we have to recommend Iceland. If you rent a car for a little couples road trip, and drive all around the ring road like we did, you’ll be driving through mountains, and then the terrain will suddenly look like you’re on Mars. When you think it couldn’t get any crazier, you’ll start trekking up a real, live GLACIER!

The food and drinks aren’t so good here (and they are very expensive), which is why we say this spot is more if you’re just going for natural beauty. Iceland has it in spades, and you’ll have a chance to see the northern lights if you time your visit right!

The ancient Roman Forum ruins in Rome, with its timeless columns and arches set against a backdrop of modern buildings, capturing the historical layers that define the Eternal City.

For History Lovers: Italy

I don’t need to tell you why Italy is for historians! I mean…Rome! When we walked through Palatine Hill, which had all the ruins, you could pretty much feel everything that had taken place in the past. It’s cool and kinda creepy at the same time?

Of course, Italy also has AMAZING food. While we do prefer Spain for the food, we really can’t hate on bowls of carby goodness with fresh, herby sauces and more delicious wine.  

For Hidden Gem Lovers: Hungary

When we lived in Budapest, we fell in love with the “pearl of the Danube.” While Hungary is becoming more “touristy,” it’s still less discovered than many other European countries. You can go on gorgeous river cruises and see beautiful cities all lit up or taste some little-known but amazing wine that you can’t get outside of Hungary!

Two people sit on a wall overlooking the Dresden cityscape under a stunning sunset sky, with the iconic Frauenkirche and other baroque architecture in the background.

5 Tips for Traveling As A Couple

Once you figure out where to go from our where to travel to quiz for couples, we want to make sure that you have the best trip. After traveling to almost 40 countries together, Caleb and I have learned some very important “survival tips” for traveling together:

  1. The Golden Rule

The most important rule we have is that if one of you has to use the bathroom or is hungry, you both drop everything and fix that problem. If one of you has one of these basic needs not being met, that person is going to get hangry and grumpy, which will make the experience so much worse.

Just take care of business and then get back to having fun!

2. Don’t Enter The Friend Zone

Sometimes, we plan way too much into our trip that we don’t leave time to actually BE a couple. We don’t have much time to bond together, and we end up starting to feel more like friends together on vacation.

Make sure you leave time to just be you!

A couple embraces while posing in front of traditional half-timbered houses decorated with Christmas ornaments in Colmar's old town, a woman lifts one leg in excitement.

3. Plan Things Ahead

Now that we’ve traveled a lot together, we don’t plan much of our trips. But, it was not like that to start! When you’re first starting to travel together, it’s best if you get most of your planning done before so that you don’t get frustrated with each other when you’re trying to agree on what to do on the fly.

4. Take Turns Planning

On that note, if you guys like different things, remember to balance those things out. Let one person plan the activities/food for one day and the other plan the other, then repeat. Then you guys will both get to do what you like to do, and everyone will be happy!

Read: no fights. Success!

A smiling couple stands in the snow at night, with the illuminated Gothic architecture of Wroclaw’s Cathedral reflecting in the Oder River behind them


Ultimately, no matter what result in you get from our travel destinations quiz, remember that nothing is an emergency (like unless it actually is and someone is hurt.) So, just have FUN together.

Don’t get sidetracked by little fights or disagreements, and just work on being in the moment and enjoying the trip together. You won’t be able to go back in time and redo it, so make the most of it right now.

Ready to find out where you should go next?

Take our “where should I travel quiz” for couples below to find out your next travel destination!

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A couple embraces while watching the sunset behind the Crystal Palace in Madrid's Retiro Park, a moment of romance and tranquility by the reflective waters.

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